Administrative Subcommittee


Coordination of activities of the Committee and its subcommittees. Development and administration of the policy and general affairs of the Committee. Provides assistance and advice to the Committee Chair.


Keith Flowers


Vice-Chair / Secretary:

Doug Edwards


What's new in ADSCOM?

  1. IEEE C37.302 Guide for Fault Current Limiter Testing
    The standard has been approved and published.

Subcommittee Documents, Working Groups, and Task Forces:

Document Title Chairperson Activity Status*
C37.59 IEEE Standard Requirements for Conversion of Power Switchgear Equipment Dean Sigmon Active PAR Expires: 12/31/2018
Ballot Date:
C37.100 IEEE Standard Definitions for Power Switchgear Vacant Inactive New WG:
Approved: 3/19/1992
Expires: 12/31/2018
Will Expire, content in other documents.
C37.100.1 IEEE Standard of Common Requirements for High Voltage Power Switchgear Rated Above 1000 V Dave Stone Active PAR Expires: 12/31/2017
Ballot Date:
C37.100.2 IEEE Standard for Common Requirements for Testing of AC Capacitance Current Switching Devices Over 1000 V Neil McCord Active PAR Expires: 12/31/2017
Ballot Date:
C37.100.5 IEEE Standard for Common Definitions for Switchgear Tom Mulcahy Active PAR Expires: 12/31/2019
Ballot Date:
C37.301 IEEE Standard for High-Voltage Switchgear (Above 1000 V) Test Techniques—Partial Discharge Measurements Marcel Fortin Inactive New WG:
Approved: 1/30/2009
Expires: 1/30/2019
C37.302 IEEE Guide for Fault Current Limiter Testing Mischa Steurer Inactive New WG:
Approved: 3/1/2016
Expires: 12/31/2026

                 * All future dates are expected dates.

                 For more information on the LVSD Subcommittee please see the Minutes of the Meetings.

Updated: April 26, 2018