Q&A for IEEE SA Awards


Q: For the Corporate Award, can individuals nominate a corporation (who is an IEEE-SA corporate member) to receive the award?

A: Yes, individuals can nominate a (Corporate Member) corporation.



Q: For the IEEE-SA Distinguished Service Award, can any individual (even if they have not served on the IEEE-SA Standards Board or the IEEE-SA BoG) nominate someone who did serve on the IEEE-SA Standards Board?

A: Any individual can nominate a current or past member(s) going back as

      far as five years from the current date.




Q: Whom do I contact regarding further information about IEEE SA Awards:

A: Contact your Switchgear Committee ERP Subcommittee Chair or contact:

Jodi Haasz

Program Manager

International Stds Programs and Governance

Standards Activities

Phone +1 732 562 6367

FAX +1 732 875 0695

Email: j.haasz@ieee.org