Education, Recognition, and Publication Subcommittee


Promote switchgear education, provide tutorials, provide recognition of significant achievements in the switchgear field (including bibliographies) and furnish planning support to the Switchgear Committee as directed by the Administrative Subcommittee.

Coordinate with other technical committees, groups, societies, and associations as required.

Recommend and maintain honorary members list, as published on the Switchgear Committee website.


Allan Morse


ERP Standing Working Groups

Publications and Prize Paper Awards Ad hoc Group

Chair:  Leslie Falkingham


IEEE Fellow Nominations Ad hoc Group

Chair:  Leslie Falkingham


What's new in ERP?

  1. Bill Long: IEEE SA International Award

  2. Bill Bergman: IEEE SA Medallion Award

  3. Ted Olsen: PES Technical Committee Distinguished Individual Service Award

  4. PES Technical Committee Prize Paper Award: "Transient Limiting Inductor Applications in Shunt Capacitor Banks"

  5. PES Technical Committee Working Group Recognition Award: "IEEE Standard for DC (3200 V and below) Power Circuit Breakers used in Enclosures"

  6. See all the details in this presentation

Review of Awards and Recognitions for Individuals, Working Groups, and Technical Papers

Various awards and recognitions are available to the Switchgear Committee to recognize outstanding individuals, Working Groups, and technical papers relevant to the scope of the Switchgear Committee. The awards are generally on the three different levels:

  1. IEEE (Institute) level
  2. IEEE-SA (Standards Association) level
  3. PES (Power and Energy Society) level
  4. PES Technical Council level
  5. Switchgear Committee (Technical Committee) level

See the following links for more information:

  1. About IEEE Awards
  2. About IEEE Standards Association Awards see also Q&A for IEEE SA Awards
  3. PES Awards

The following document summarizes the awards applicable to the Switchgear Committee:

  1. Summary of Awards(updated October 2008)

Please send all nominations to the ERP Chair. Do not send nominations directly to the PES or IEEE.
The following are the former awards recipients for the Switchgear Committee:

  1. Technical Committee Prize Paper Awards
  2. Technical Committee WG Recognition Awards
  3. Technical Committee Distinguished Service Awards

In all cases, Subcommittee Chairmen and all others are encouraged to consider nominating candidates for the various awards and propose their nominations or suggestions for nominations to the ERP Subcommittee. ERP Subcommittee can assist in preparing the necessary nomination forms and other relevant documents.

Honorary Membership List of the Switchgear Committee

This LINK will provide a list of Honorary Members of the Switchgear Committee.

IEEE Fellows

IEEE Fellows is the highest membership grade of IEEE. Fellows are the highest technical experts in the respective field recognized by the industry and academia for their accomplishments. It is difficult but not impossible to become a fellow. The process of nominating a candidate for a fellow is rather complex and lengthy. Please contact Leslie Falkingham for more details.

IEEE Senior Membership

It is easier than some people think to upgrade your IEEE Membership to the Senior Member status. We encourage all our members to check the requirements and apply. See the IEEE Senior Membership Web pages for more details. ERP can help you identify other senior members of the Switchgear Committee to help you with the necessary references.

Technical Program

We are also looking for suggestions to the future technical program. Individuals or companies interested in contributing a technical presentation on any relevant technical topic are invited to contact John C. Webb for details. The presentations should be technical in nature addressing technology issues and be free of commercial/advertising content.

Professional Development Hours (PDH)

PDH credits can now be obtained for attending the technical presentations during the Switchgear Committee meetings. However, only TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS count, not the regular WG meetings. ERP will determine which presentations provide PDH credits. We hope that providing the PDH credits will be another reason to encourage attendance at the Switchgear Committee meetings. A copy of the PDH form in .pdf format can be found by following the link below. Feel free to copy this form as necessary and bring it to our technical presentations, workshops, and panels. Forms will not be provided at the Switchgear Committee meetings.
PDH Form(.pdf)

                 For more information on the ERP Subcommittee please see the Minutes of the Meetings.

Updated: April 25, 2018