Reclosers and Other Distribution Equipment Subcommittee


Treatment of all matters relating to distribution switching and overcurrent protective equipment, including reclosers, sectionalizers, fault interrupters, capacitor switches, pad-mounted gear, and submersible gear; except for high voltage fuses and high voltage overhead air switches.


Francois Soulard


Vice-Chair / Secretary:


What's new in RODE Subcommittee?

  1. In Spring 2016, a small cross functional team from different sub-committee members will meet to discuss the definition and purpose of visible break Participation by invitation only. Each subcommittee chair to delegate one or two persons for the study group.

Subcommittee Documents, Working Groups, and Task Forces:

Document Title Chairperson Activity Status*
IEC 62271-111
IEEE Standard Requirements for Overhead, Pad Mounted, Dry Vault, and Submersible Automatic Circuit Reclosers and Fault Interrupters for AC Systems
Note - This is a Dual-Logo Standard with IEC: IEEE C37.60/IEC 62271-111 (MT47)
Dave Stone Active PAR Expires: 12/31/2016
Ballot Date:
Completion: 2nd ballot 8/22/2016
C37.62 Standard for Pad Mounted, Dry Vault, Submersible Fault, and Overhead Fault Interrupters for alternating current systems up to 38 kV Antone Bonner Active PAR Expires: 12/31/2017
Ballot Date: Summer 2016
C37.63 Standard Requirements for Overhead, Pad-Mounted, Dry-Vault, and Submersible Automatic Line Sectionalizers for AC Systems Vacant Inactive New WG: April 2018
Approved: March 2013
Expires: December 2023
C37.66 Requirements for Oil-Filled Capacitor Switches for AC Systems (1kV to 38kV) Harry Hirz Active PAR Expires: December 2016
Ballot Date: Spring 2016
C37.74 Standard Requirements for Subsurface, Vault, and Padmounted Load-Interrupter Switchgear and Fused Load-Interrupter Switchgear for Alternating Current Systems up to 38 kV Vacant Inactive New WG: TBD
Approved: March 2015
Expires: December 2025
Task Force Task force for Distribution Equipment Controls Nenad Uzelac Active New WG: TBD
Task Force Solid Dielectric Task Force Francois Soulard Active
Task Force Visible Break Discussion Study Group Francois Soulard Active
Task Force Task force for Alternative Gasses Nenad Uzelac Active

                 * All future dates are expected dates.

                 For more information on the RODE Subcommittee please see the Minutes of the Meetings.

Updated: October 4, 2016