Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee ESSB - LEGACY SITE

Membership/Participation Requirements

For those who would like to become involved in our activities, here is a short guide to our membership levels and requirements.

Meeting Attendance and Working Group Participation

All who are interested are welcome to turn up at one of our meetings and participate in committee and working group discussions. There are no membership requirements or other qualifications for this.

Working Group Membership

Formal membership in each of our working groups is controlled by the working group chair, in accordance with the procedures of the main committee. Active participation by working group members may be in the form of meeting attendance or contributions by correspondence. Working group members are encouraged to join IEEE and the Power Engineering Society.
Download - join StaBatt working group procedure

Main Committee Membership

Membership in the Stationary Battery Committee is open to those who have actively participated in working group activities for at least one year, and requires sponsorship by a working group chair. Regular meeting attendance is a requirement of ongoing membership, and all committee members must be members of the IEEE Power Engineering Society.
Dowload - Membership Form

Voting on Standards

Any member of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) , regardless of their status with the committee and its working groups, may vote on standards documents sponsored by the Stationary Battery Committee. You must be a current IEEE-SA member to vote, and you can sign up to join the balloting pool at IEEE-SA Balloting Center.


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