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IEEE New York Section

David K. Horn, Chair

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New York Section
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Lewis Terman, a distinguished member
of the IEEE Tappan Zee Subsection
received the
“IEEE Richard M. Emerson Award”,
for distinguished service advancing
the technical objectives of the IEEE.

CEU Evaluation Form for Seminars

Congratulations to the following
Individuals who have be elevated
To IEEE Fellow

Andrew Kent
for contributions to the application
of spin-transfer torques in
nano-scale devices

Elisa Konofagou
for contributions to ultrasound for
cardiovascular and cancer
diagnosis, neuromodulation and
brain drug delivery

Gil Zussman
for contributions to the design
of wireless network systems

Ioannis Kymissis
for contributions to thin-film
electronics for displays and sensors

Martin Farach-colton
for contributions to data structures
for storage systems

Daniel Friedman
for contributions to RFID and
phase-lock-loop systems

Guohan Hu
for contributions to
MRAM materials and devices



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