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President Michael Adler, October 2003 visit with NSW Section members and visitors [gif 220Kb]

28 Nov 2003 AGM, L-R, John Edler, Jim Vasseleu, John Robinson, Sam Reisenfeld, David Tien, Olly díSouza, Stefan Mozar, Lixin Tang, Karu Esselle, Graeme Gwilliam, Ian Boyd, ??, Anthony Parker. [gif 101Kb]

The 2003 IEEE NSW Section Max Simons Student Award, presented to Mr Lixin Tang by Dr Andrew Parfitt at the 2003 IEEE AGM Dinner. [gif 158Kb]

The IEEE Region 10 Large Section award issued to the IEEE NSW Section at the Region 10 Conference held in Singapore on 31 March 2005. Refer to photo archive in 2005. This was the first such award ever issued by the IEEE Region 10 Committee. [jpg 498Kb]


Meeting 171 03 February 2003 [MS Word 33Kb]
Meeting 172 03 March 2003 [MS Word 23Kb]
Meeting 173 14 April 2003 [MS Word 20Kb]
Meeting 174 05 May 2003 [MS Word 19Kb]
Meeting 175 02 June 2003 [MS Word 26Kb]
Meeting 176 04 August 2003 [MS Word 23Kb]
Meeting 177 01 September 2003 [MS Word 21Kb]
Meeting 178 13 October 2003 [MS Word 36Kb]
Meeting 179 03 November 2003 [MS Word 39Kb]
AGM 18 28 November 2003 [MS Word 28Kb]
AGM Power Engineering Society Minutes 28 November 2003 [PDF 19Kb]


Memorandum of agreement with other bodies on collaboration and joint membership January 2003 [PDF 93Kb]


Chairman's report 2003 [MS Word 69Kb] 
Antennas & Propagation / Microwave Theory & Techniques Joint Chapter report 2003 [MS Word 30Kb]
Circuits and Systems/Solid State Circuits Chapter report 2003 [MS Word 19Kb]
Communications and Signal Processing Joint Chapter report 2003 [MS Word 20Kb]
Computer Chapter report 2003 [MS Word 20Kb]
L50 report 2003 [PDF 379Kb]

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