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Manu Ignatius (Mí14) received the B.S. degree in electronics and communication engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University College of Engineering, Kerala, India, and the M.S. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, in 2004 and 2010, respectively. Currently, he is a member of the core technology team at Subnero, a Singapore-based startup, which focuses on developing underwater communication, navigation, monitoring, and sensing technology and solutions. Before joining Subnero, he worked at several multinational companies in the field of embedded systems and computer networks.

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Tawfiq Taher
Dr. Hari Vishnu is a research fellow in the Acoustic Research Laboratory, National University of Singapore. Prior to this, he obtained his Ph.D degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and B. Tech from NIT, Calicut, India. His current research interests are in underwater acoustic modelling, deep-sea resource exploration, acoustic vector sensors and bio-acoustic signal processing in impulsive noise. Hari has been an active IEEE member since joining as a student member in 2005. He has been in the organizing committee of several conferences and technical workshops.
Manu Ignatius
Hari Vishnu
Committee Member
Ken Teo received the First Class Honors degree in Mechanical Production and Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2000, the M.Sc. degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the National University of Singapore, Singapore, in 2005, and the M.Sc. degree in Ocean Engineering from the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, Dania Beach, in 2010. He has been a Research and Development Engineer at DSO National Laboratories, Singapore, since 2000.
Chin Swee is currently the Head, Underwater Laboratory, and a Distinguish Member of the Technical Staffs at the DSO National Laboratories, Singapore. He has joined DSO since 1993, and he is actively involved in the R&D program in underwater sonar processing and environmental acoustics. His efforts include individual contribution to the exploration of new sonar processing algorithms, as well as the management of research scientists and engineers. Besides conducting R&D research, Chin Swee also provides technical consultations to DSTA and RSN pertaining to the acquisitions of naval underwater systems. Chin Swee is a Senior Member of IEEE and Member of the Acoustic Society of America. He received his Masters of Science (Ocean Engineering) in 1999, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, and received his B. Eng. (Electronics) degree in 1993 from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Arnab was awarded his Masters (2002) and PhD (2009) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Arnab served in the Indian Navy as an Electrical Officer for over 20 years, before getting into full-time research. He took pre-mature retirement as a Commander and has been associated with multiple R&D projects both for the Indian Navy and DRDO. His contributions have been towards Stealth Analysis of Warships and Design and Development of Sonar Classification Algorithms in Tropical Littoral Waters.
Venugopalan Pallayil
Committee Member
Dr Venugopalan Pallayil, a senior IEEE member, has a post graduate degree in physics and a Ph.D in Microwave Electronics both from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India. He had been a reciepient of many research fellowships from reputed Indian Scientific Organisations such as ISRO, CSIR and DAE during the period of his PhD work. In 1986 he was selected for a 1 year Electronics Fellowship Course by the Government of India and after the successful completion of the course was posted as a Scientist in Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Cochin, India. In NPOL he worked as an R&D Scientist contributing to the Indian Defence Research & Development with major contributions in the field of air-borne ASW systems. In 1998 he joined Acoustic Research Laboratory as a Research Fellow and currently is a Senior Research Fellow.
Committee Member
Tawfiq Taher is a Senior Research Manager at Center for Sensing and Modelling (CENSAM) in Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre (SMART). Prior to SMART he was working for Honeywell in Automation & Control Solutions division. Tawfiq received his MSc in Computer Control & Automation from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
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Harold Tay
Harold Tay is senior engineer at ARL, Tropical Marine Science Institute. His interests include low cost underwater systems for robotics and data acquisition. Harold does electrical/electronics work as well. Harold's interest lies in interdisciplinary design in all these areas. It is hard to get away from an engineer's penchant for problem solving and optimization, and in his experience that greatest gains are obtained when a global integrated approach is taken. Harold's time is currently spent mostly on the surface buoys project (real-time monitoring) and eFolaga (a glider-like AUV).