IEEE Membership Promotion

JOIN IEEE and WIE NOW to enjoy two years of membership (2013-2014), a free welcome gift PLUS free-of-charge admission to YES2013 Conference. (Promotion Period: 1 Sept - 8 Nov 2013)

Member benefits:

  1. Free Admission to Singapore Night Safari for IEEE member and up to 3 guests (Save S$140 per visit).
  2. Free Admission to Singapore Science Centre for IEEE member and up to 4 guests.
  3. Free Admission to 8 museums for IEEE member and up to 4 guests.
  4. Details of the local benefits in Singapore can be found at
  5. More global benefits (e.g. car rental, book discounts, career resources, continuing education, etc) can be obtained at

New Member benefits:

  1. Welcome gift (only for new members joining IEEE 1 Sept - 8 Nov 2013, limited to the first 20 new members).
  2. Free-of-charge admission to YES 2013.

Step 1:
Join IEEE online as follows (US$147 for member, US$27 for Graduate Student member for 2013 & 2014).

Step 2:
Collect welcome gift (nice water bottle with IEEE logo) from the reception counter on the YES2013 Conference.

Step 3:
If you also join IEEE WIE, you'll also receive free-of-charge admission to YES2013 conference.