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Acknowledgement from a Teacher to Jay Gamerman


2007 ROBOT CHALLENGE, April 28 & 29, 2007

Though the students are the TRUE STARS of this show, we would like to recognize their TEACHERS who are the ones who work, motivate, and guide them and generally keep the projects flowing. Also the parents who have probably put up with some pretty late nights and irregular schedules this past week or two.

We would like to THANK the many people who contributed to making this event memorable and special to all of our students who participated with such enthusiasm. They put on a great show, and the Organizers, Photographers, "PIT" experts, and of course the Judges were the ones who made it happen. We would like to acknowledge the following.

Neville Jacobs

IEEE Director, Student Activities


Ron Aloysius Rachel Andre David Bartholomew David Bourner
Dave Boyd Virginia Callahan Jackie Cannady Bob Cuellar
Ginnie Dentler John Dentler Kate Dentler Bill Dixon
Susan Esworthy Jay Gamerman Helen Garrison Scott Goedeke
Gilbert Gorschboth Boris Gramatikov Jeff Friedhoffer Kris Heck
Steve Higgins Richard C. Horn Tanner Horner Neville Jacobs
Rachel Jacobs Charlie Karr James Kinsey Marcin Kociolek
Tina Kohler Andrea Kraay-Goldsztein Colin Krepps Brett Kutscher
John Mitchell Tzer Leei Ng Boniface C. Nwugwo John Ommert
Mike Pleva Yitzie Raphaeli Gene Richard Marcia Richard
Robert Runser Bruce Schmickley Bill Semancik Brian Sequeira
Quentin Smith Bill Soreth Bob Spongberg Marian Titerance
Mike Tope Phuong K. Tran Winnie E. Weeks Jeff Weiss
Walt Willing Brian Womack     

Updated: 4/27/07