Robot Challenge 2009

Congratulations to EVERYBODY!

2009 Official Results

To all those who participated in the Robot Challenge, their teachers and coaches, and those who helped make it happen:

CONGRATULATIONS on a great and enthusiastic turn out!

Every team gave their all, and I hope enjoyed the satisfaction of a fun conclusion to all the work put into the project. While there were probably some tough moments during the project and the Challenge itself, we hope you found it worthwhile and learned something along the way as well. While some teams may have more points than others, every team and student member is a winner for having gone through this project, and we wish you all great success in your future classes and careers.

To the Judges, Administrators, PIT engineers, Photographers , and Data processors, a thousand thanks for the huge effort that went into making the 13th Robot Challenge a success!

And now for the results. There are normally 4 categories, 2-leg Robots Manual, 2-leg Robots Overall, 4-leg Robots Manual and 4 .leg Robots Overall. In this case, however, the first three 2-leg Manual Robots beat out all the Automated Robots, and these Awards will be for the 2-leg Overall winners. For the 4-leg robots, there are differences, so there will be winners in both the Manual and the Automated Category. In addition to the trophies, there will be ribbons for the individual students in the first three places in each category, and certificates and feedback sheets for all of the teams that participated on Saturday and Sunday. These items will go out in the mail as soon as they are ready.


      • 2-leg Robots Overall
        • 1st Place Team 37, The Snow Shredders, Eastern Technical High School,
        • 2nd Place Team 84, Marvel, Charles H. Flowers High School
        • 3rd Place Team 56, Robot Chicken, Eastern Technical High School
      • 2-leg Robots Manual
        • 4th Place Team 95, Team Flash, Long Reach High School
        • 5th Place Team 65, Jokers Two-Face Tech, John F. Kennedy High School
      • 4-leg Robots Manual
        • 1st Place Team 106, Finding Nemo, Maryvale Preparatory School
        • 2nd Place Team 104, Hogwarts, Maryvale Preparatory School
        • 3rd Place Team 122, Maverick Maniacs, Eastern Technical High School
      • 4-leg Robots Overall
        • 1st Place Team 101, Radio Raheem, Beth Tfiloh Dahan High School
        • 2nd Place Team 103, Superman, Beth Tfiloh Dahan High School
        • 3rd Place Team 106, Finding Nemo, Maryvale Preparatory School

For details on how every team did in each of the above 4 categories, please see the following 4 charts, and again our Congratulations!

2 Legged Manual Results

4 Legged Manual Results

2 Legged Overall Results

4 Legged Overall Results

Pictures (Sat and Sun)

Additional Pictures (Sat)

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