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Performance run failures

For the first 2 'problems':

A team that has problems prior to the start of the Performance Run, arrives late, or encounters a sudden component failure after the start of the run, may be given a time-out. A penalty will be imposed of 1 point per 3 minutes of delay or per visit to the "pit" or laydown area.

For the remaining problems:

For the 3rd. and any subsequent incidents, the penalty is increased to 3 points per incident.

 If the run time at the time of a component failure is under 5 minutes, the run and the clock are restarted after the repair.

If over 5 minutes, the clock records the time, the robot is repaired, and returned to the place where it failed.

The "time to finish" is added to the earlier reading.

Printed run times show the best time for the run, and are not impacted by penalties - scores are. Note that 1 added minute of run time subtracts 1 point from the score.

Updated: 6/19/16



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