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Build it, check it, run it!

1.Practice walking the robot, with one student operating each leg. Set up an eight-foot table, if you have one, and apply masking tape to mark the start line and a finish line six feet apart. One half-inch high obstacles should be placed one foot from the start and finish lines, and the course should be limited to a width of 15 inches. If you do not have a table, mark out a course on a smooth floor. Click to see a picture of the table used in the competition.

2. The first objective is to complete the course in 18 minutes. Touching or adjusting the robot occasionally is permitted.

3. The second objective is to complete the course in 12 minutes, with no more than two touches.

4. The third objective is to complete three runs in under eight minutes, with no touches.

5. If you have not been able to reach the third objective, contact your mentor for ideas.


Updated: 12/8/20