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IEEE Women in Engineering of Southern New Jersey



Robot Challenge South Jersey

Race day: Saturday, May 2, 2020
at the Stockton University Campus Center   —   Galloway, New Jersey

The Southern New Jersey (SNJ) Chapter of IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE)
is sponsoring the 11th annual South Jersey Robot Challenge.


The Robot Challenge is a non-profit project that was initiated by IEEE as a means of encouraging high school students (girls and boys) to become engineers. It is an inexpensive team project designed to engage high school students in an activity that closely resembles the work a graduate engineer would do in the real world. It challenges their imagination and develops their skills.


The challenge is to build a robot that will “walk” six feet along a path with a minor obstacle. The robots are built from a kit supplied by SNJ WIE. The kit includes all parts needed to build the robot (except the body covering) and the “how-to” manual. There are also manuals for teachers. Each kit costs around $50-$55 (cost is subject to change). Student teams (3-4 students) build the robot, keep a detailed log throughout construction, prepare a written report about the experience, make an oral presentation to the judges, and compete with other student teams. The project is estimated to take about 2 – 4 months if worked on 3 hours/week.
For more info, see the slides and videos in Presentations and Info, below.
The Baltimore chapter of IEEE has been sponsoring a robot challenge for many years. To view a video of the Baltimore event go to:


  • For the teachers: SNJ WIE has pre-designed an experiment to teach principles of science, engineering, and design, at a cost of $15-$20/student.
  • For the students: Students must work together as a team – each leg of the robot is operated by a different member of the team. The Challenge promotes creativity and innovative thinking.

For 5-12 graders.
For more information, contact Holly Cyrus at
and see the latest updates at the WIE home page


Presentations and Info

Robot Challenge Info - PDF   —   PPTX with video

Teachers' Training - PDF   —   PPTX with video

WIE Event Day - movie

Building the Robot - slideshow

Track movie

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