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Passing of Jim Howard

It is with great sadness that I report to you the passing of Jim Howard, on April 5, 2020. Jim was a dedicated volunteer in our Region and throughout IEEE. Jim served on the IEEE Board of Directors in 2002-2003 (Region 3 Director) and in 2012 (IEEE-USA President). He served as a VP for both AESS and PES. From the list below, you can see the extent of Jim's service to the IEEE. This is not even a complete list, it was the most recent info I found -- but I know that Jim's service never stopped. He continued serving as the Florida West Coast Section treasurer, a Mentor in Region 3, was active on our Strategic Operations committee telecons, and was general Chair of SoutheastCon 2018. Click here for additional information from the R3 website.



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History of the Florida Council

In the middle 1970's many engineers, including many IEEE members, had experienced or were facing loss of employment due to the poor economy and reductions in the aerospace program.

The coordinated effort of all the Sections through a statewide organization had much appeal. In 1978 the Florida Council was fully operative.

Professional issues, including wage busting at Kennedy Space Center, engineering registration, the energy crisis, and legislative liaison were dealt with directly by the Council or in concert with the Florida Council of Engineers.