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The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEEE Orlando Section
Established in 1959 and serving over 1,400 members in
Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake and Sumter counties.

IEEE Orlando Section Monthly

Vol. XXXVII No. 05
May 2004



Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting


Tuesday, May 4th


6:00 - 6:30 p.m. Social
6:30 - 8:00 p.m. EXCOM Meeting


Louie & Maria Restaurant
9728 E. Colonial Dr., 407-277-7755


* April Meeting Minutes
* Treasurer's Report
* Family Fun Day Planning


Joe Juisai at 407 808-1301 or e-mail to reserve space.


2004 Florida Conference in Recent Advances in Robotics (FCRAR)


May 6 and 7


UCF (main campus)


It is an unpeered conference reserved to researchers working in Florida, with no registration fees, no copyrights and no page limit for the papers submitted.
It represents an opportunity to talk about on-going research, for the students to gain experience in presenting technical material to a large audience, to learn what other universities are doing in their research, and to help us make useful connections.

Contact: or directly contacting one of the members of the organizing committee listed on the conference website at:
click here for more information

Senior Member Update
IEEE Orlando Section congratulates our new Senior Member elevated this month:
  • Dan C. Marinescu - Communications Society
  • David R. Pratt - Computer Society
Need your help in posting Region 3 Jobs
The Region 3 Employment Assistance Project has been up over a year. During that time, we have helped a lot of our members find information that has been helpful in finding jobs and enhancing their careers. With the economy now in a growth direction, we would like to help the IEEE Network in Region 3 gain access to the new jobs that are being posted throughout the region.
We will be adding a new sub page to the Employment Assistance web page that will link to Region 3 companies that have jobs posted on their external web page. Since most of us work for companies in the region, I would like to ask you to forward your company's external employment URL to me. We will post these links on our page. You may also want to let your HR Department know that we are providing this service as a benefit to them in their recruitment and as a benefit to our members. If we do this right, we can help our fellow members and add momentum to our ongoing Industrial Relations efforts.
The URL to the Region 3 Employment Assistance Web Site is,
Please send your company employment URLs to,
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