Hello everyone!
Its been a long time since I've contacted the IEEE Orlando Section but Donghui inspired me to write you an email. I have graduated from UCF and I am currently working at Patrick Air Force Base near Melbourne, FL as a Laser Engineer!
 I am working for a company called Zel Technologies which provides SETA (Science, Engineering and Technical Assistance) to the government. They have been growing and are currently hiring in the Central Florida area.
As our primary customer is the DoD, only US citizens capable of acquiring a Top Secret clearance will be valued candidates for the positions available but please share with those who qualify! It would be great if the UCF students can be made aware of the positions available. Having a security clearance at a young age can be very valuable to boost initial career opportunities!
I am also in the process of developing an internship program with Zeltech, I will keep you posted as the program becomes initiated.
Here is a current list of positions available within Zeltech:
MASINT Standards Administrator (Web Developer) FL - Melbourne
MASINT Standards Analyst (Systems Engineer - Mid) FL - Melbourne
MASINT Standards Program Support Analyst (Project Support) FL - Melbourne
RF/EO Communications System Engineer FL - Patrick AFB
Sr. MASINT Standards Analyst (Sr. Systems Engineer) FL - Melbourne
Subject Matter Expert - Geophysical Sciences FL - Patrick AFB
Subject Matter Expert - Geophysical Sciences                             FL - Patrick AFB
Many positions are also located outside the Central Florida area. Please visit the website for more details!
or www.zeltech.com
I hope everyone is doing well!
Kind Regards,