IEEE Orlando Section 2014 Star Search and Scholarship Awards

The IEEE Orlando Section announces the request for nominations for the 2014 Orlando Section Awards, which will be presented at the Awards Banquet on on Saturday, October 25, 2014, Marriot Renaissance Hotel on South Semoran (436) -- just north of the Airport. One awards banquet ticket will be given to any award nominee and/or scholarship applicant. . The Orlando Section presents six awards annually:

Nominees must be IEEE members in good standing and have been a resident of the Orlando Section for the past three years.

Any Orlando Section member in good standing may make a nomination for the Orlando Section Awards
Also, the Orlando Section presents Undergraduate / Graduate Scholarship Awards each calendar year. Nominees must be IEEE student / graduate student members in good standing, currently enrolled as undergraduate / graduate student in an engineering program located in Orlando Section's 5 county (central Florida) area as well as at time of the award. The Awards Committee essay topic for the 2014 scholarship award is: "Which emerging IEEE-related technology has the highest potential to alter society within the next ten years?" Describe the technology, how the technology will alter society, when alterations will appear, and positive and negative consequences. Write an essay no less than 800 words.
Nomination forms can be found at and additional information about the nomination procedure can be found at

The application deadline for award and scholarship packets must be received by Midnight, Thursday, September 25, 2014 (Eastern Time).

Any questions or further clarifications for awards and scholarship packets, can be e-mailed to:

IEEE Orlando Section Awards Chairperson
Mr. Michael Orlovsky,
407.909.0956 (Home) [email is preferred]

For both awards and scholarship applicants, please make one PDF file for your application package and email it to Mr. Orlovsky. Only electronic application package is accepted (no hard copies!).

For scholarship applicants, the hardcopy transcript shall be mailed to:

Mr. Michael C. Orlovsky
P.O. Box 690639
Orlando, FL, 32869-06396

Updated: August 13, 2014