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Tour of Cane Island Combustion Turbine Power Plant


1 - GE LM 6000 / ~32 MW - Simple Cycle, in operation
2 - GE 7EA / ~110 MW - Combined Cycle, in operation
3 - GE 7F ~155 MW / ~225 MW - Operating in Simple Cycle, Steam turbine portion is being finished now and may be online by the time of the tour
Place and Address:
Near Intercession City - Will be forwarded later
Tuesday September 11th
6:30 pm
Cost and Registration:
Please register if you wish to attend, there is no cost
Contact Person:
Aaron Staley, Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation
Work Phone Number: 407.736.2733
Email: Aaron.Staley@swpc.siemens.com

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