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Mid Year 2001 Report
List 2001 Goals:
Goal: Region 3 entities shall encourage and challenge better qualified students to consider engineering careers.
Objective: Encourage each Region 3 entity to establish an active program during Engineers' Week or at other opportunities to provide "Demonstrations" on engineering/technology topics of interest at the appropriate level to K-12 schools. Region 3 entities are encouraged to utilize their experienced (retired) and GOLD members.
Goal: Encourage increased use of new technology in conduct of Region 3 meetings and business. Improve availability of information to members via electronic media.
Objective: Continue publicity of the Region 3 Employer Database.
Goal: Enhance image of engineers
Objectives: Encourage Sections to participate in National Engineers Week.
List Committee Members:
Chair - Don Hill
Vice Chair - Carl Hussey
Vice Chair - Brian Skelton
Mentor - Vernon Powers (
Career Enhancement Activities - Charles Lord (
PACE - George McClure (
Special Projects Coordinator - Vernon Powers (
Career Maintenance and Development Committee Chair - David Macchiarolo (
Pre-college Education Activities Mark McKeage (,
Rachel Wilson
Student Professional Awareness Activities - Bruce Walcott (
SPAC - Chris Ruffin (
Technical Policy Issues - John Montague (
Awards - Thomas Bellarmine (
Activities this year:
IEEEUSA has launched a project to contact every member of House of Representatives and Senate. Under the leadership of Lee Stogner, every available member should arrange to visit their legislators during one of the legislators' home visits this year. More can be learned about the CARE program at the following web site:
Southeastcon 2001:
George McClure led a great team of PACE instructors during SEC01 in Clemson, SC. George instructed our regional PACE members on the finer points leading a PACE group in each section. George educated the PACE members about planning, organizing, and executing an informative meeting. These tools will prove valuable to each member and section. Thank you George.
PACE Workshop 2001:
In April, IEEEUSA provided extensive PACE training for 10 Region 3 PACE members. Lee Stogner convinced IEEEUSA that PACE training was key to continued education of our member leaders and members at large.
Programs from the Workshop have been preserved on CD for use in local PACE meetings. Lee and his crew supplied a CD copy to each PACE member in the Region. Use the CD for training and educating.
Region 3 has two planned SPAC's for this fall. Please support the student leaders in your schools in their endeavor to implement SPAC's.
Plans for remaining 2001:
PACE members will be planning programs in each section;
Schedule a 'CARE' visit, or two, or three;
Use the PACE Workshop CD again and again.
Respectfully submitted,
Don Hill,
Chair, PAOC


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Updated 09/01/2001