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This is a member suggestion for the Orlando Section of IEEE to consider for bringing about an increased interest of junior and high school students into the engineering professions. It could be expanded to other sections in the FCIEEE.

The Concept:
The theme being an engineer for a dy, at the local university such as UCF, local school(s) science and math teachers are invited to attend (with or without a few of their students) the engineering fair held at the university. IEEE student members and IEEE members attend at the same time, offering a short talk on their experiences in becoming engineers and practicing the engineering profession.

The following steps could be followed:

- One room set up during the day for speakers from local businesses, who would be IEEE members, to present a talk about what they do on a day to day basis as an engineer. Using examples of their products and services on display with pictures and models, etc. could provide both the teachers and their junior and senior high school students with a better idea just what engineering degreed professionals do for a living. Or a hobby, if retired.

- Each presentation should be held to about a 15 min. presentation and allowing for a 15 min. question and answer period. The presentations should be the "big picture" and leaving the details, if interested, for answering questions.

- Use of programs, handed or mailed out weeks before the engineering fair is held, provides an interest and perhaps discussions by teachers and their students before attending the engineering fair.

- The fair could be held during "Engineers Week"

- Students get to see what the University has to offer, what the engineering students have accomplished, and the professor capability available.

- Teachers in the local schools become exposed to what can happen after they teach the math and sciences to non-engineers.

- The exposure to the teachers of engineering products and services can assist them when a student may wish to offer a science or engineering project in the local, county and state science and engineering fairs.

- Contacts can be made by the teachers of IEEE members and IEEE student members who may offer help for one of their students on a science and engineering project.

- The booklet or program should be prepared by the University IEEE Student Chapter with assistance from the local section or FCIEEE getting speakers of diverse interest and backgrounds as well as in funding.

- This booklet should cover/contain items of interest as well as pictures for the teachers of junior and high school students to consider what questions to ask. Such as: What is an engineer? What do they do? How does one recognize who could become an engineer? What future is there in being an engineer? Can engineering be fun at the same time as providing a living?

- At the end of the day, some kind of contest (see below) could be held or engineering mementos provided the teachers and students for attending.

- Perhaps IEEE-sponsored awards could be offered to the first, second and third best university student engineering project as determined by vote of the junior and senior high school attendees.

- Perhaps lunch could be provided for.

- Perhaps the local school board could become involved if the interest is great.

CONTEST - A group of IEEE Life Members could provide a "Best in Engineering Class" task or game for the attending students at the end of the talks. Providing kits (misc. parts) with simple instructions on how to build a motor, generator or pump, etc. Awards (IEEE provided) could be offered by the Life Member(s) for the best project at the closing of the fair.

Any comments please direct them to:

George F. McClure
Ph. 407-647-5092
Fax 407-644-4076
1730 Shiloh Lane
Winter Park, FL 32789


Do you have old computers or printers collecting dust at your home or office?
Put that computer / printer to good use!
The IEEE Orlando Section is sponsoring a computer / printer donation to the local county school systems (Orange, Seminole, etc.).
Please call David Witter, Acting Computer Society Chairman, at 407-366-3520, for further information!


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