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Few Future U.S. Careers in IT?
CIO magazine is a good source for trends in IT. Gartner is a leading tour guide for CIOs wanting to outsource offshore. is the URL for an assessment by a Gartner VP & research director of the impact of offshore outsourcing.
An excerpt:
Not a Pretty Picture for the IT Workforce
Since 2001, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 500,000 people in IT professions in the United States have lost their jobs. Some were caught in the dot-com bust. Others were laid off by cost cuts, shrinking budgets, a poor economy and a desire to satisfy shareholders quarter by quarter. Now, a growing number of IT professionals and practitioners are having their jobs displaced as IT work moves to offshore venues.
Without a "shot of adrenaline" to the U.S. IT profession - such as an investment boom, a "white knight" industry, new IT-led innovation or new ways of competing globally - the scenario for the IT workforce in the United States and other developed nations looks bleak.
Large U.S. enterprises, vendors and service providers aggressively are investigating or pursuing offshore markets for IT delivery. Combining that interest with minimal new investment, preliminary Gartner analysis - based on the IT Association of America's count of 10.3 million IT practitioners in the United States in 2003 - indicates that another 500,000 IT jobs plausibly may disappear by year-end 2004.
George's note-
The earlier (2001) NRC study of the IT workforce concluded that it included 10 million workers - half degreed. See After the layoffs of the past two years, the ITAA estimate of 10.3 million for 2003 may be high.
George F McClure
1730 Shiloh Ln
Winter Park, FL 32789
Ph. 407-647-5092
Fax 407-644-4076
 Videos on Lost Jobs
Three videos about H-1B, L-1, and offshore outsourcing are available for your viewing at
The first one is the Lou Dobbs Moneyline feature called "Exporting
America," that ran on CNN in May. This one is 21 minutes long, 35.5 MB, and takes 4 minutes 39 seconds to load in high resolution with cable or DSL. Ron Hira of IEEE-USA is interviewed.
The next two are from WKMG-TV in Orlando - follow-ups to the "Stolen Jobs" feature done last fall that was captured on the IEEE-USA CD-ROM. These ran this week and included Capitol Hill testimony by Pat Fluno, one of the software engineers laid off by Siemens after she trained her Indian replacement, and interviews with George McClure and Chris McManes of IEEE-USA. These are much shorter and load faster.
Rob Sanchez has made these available on his server. Thanks, Rob!
George F McClure
1730 Shiloh Ln
Winter Park, FL 32789
Ph. 407-647-5092
Fax 407-644-4076


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