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IEEE Orlando Section Monthly
SCOOP, September 2003

Biannual issue for IEEE Section Chairs and Treasurers

Vicki Waldman, Editor; Tracy Hawkins, Manager Section/Chapter Support

  • How Do You Communicate With Your Members?
  • Sections Congress 2008 Site Selection Underway
  • Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers, Part I
  • IEEE GOLD leadership Recognition
  • RAB Award Nominations Deadline Reminder
  • Articles for Your Section Newsletters:
  • 2004 Member-Get-a-Member (MGM) /Student-Get-a-Student (SGS) Campaign
  • IEEE Election


Sections and other subunits have long discussed cost-effective methods of communicating with members. In June, the Regional Activities Board approved a change to the RAB Operations Manual addressing this very issue.

The change was approved as follows (wording refers to Sections, but this change also applies to Subsections, Chapters, and Affinity Groups):

"Reasonable efforts should be made to notify all members of Section meetings. Methods of communication could be hard copy distributions, email distributions in keeping with IEEE email policies, and Section web site updates. Not less than once a year a hard copy mailing should be sent to the active Section membership including at least the following information: how to subscribe to the Section email list, the URL for the Section's web page, and how members may update their contact information in the IEEE master database."

The specific references are RAB Operations Manual 9.4.D.5, 9.5.C.2, 9.6.C.5, 9.9.C.2. For more information, contact Tracy Hawkins,, +1 732 562 5512.


With Sections Congress (SC) 2002 just behind us, and SC 2005 just ahead (in Tampa, Florida), the Regional Activities Board has instructed staff to begin planning for Sections Congress 2008. Would you like your Section to host SC 2008? Site selection criteria are available upon request from Tracy Hawkins ( The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2003.


(First in a series on the subject)

What are your expectations when looking for new volunteers for your Section? Are your expectations realistic? Here is a breakdown of volunteerism in a typical membership organization (taken from pages 14-15 of "Volunteers: How to Get Them, How to Keep Them" by Helen Little; Panacea Press, Inc. Naperville IL., 1999)

· Approximately 5% of the membership serve as volunteer leaders: officers, board members, and key committee and task force chairs.

· Another 15% of the membership are active volunteers: project team leaders and work team leaders.

· Approximately 75% of the membership volunteer occasionally, participate in some activities and use some services.

· The remaining 5% are critics. You've probably noticed that they do not participate but tend to complain about everything. This group keeps the other 95% from becoming complacent.

Next month, we will list the 12 basic needs of volunteers. Each month thereafter, one of the 12 needs will be written about in more detail, along with actual successful volunteer recruiting practices of IEEE Sections.

Speaking of which? Does your Section have a volunteer recruiting/retaining practice that you would like to share? You can send it to Vicki Waldman at, or share it on the Section/Chapter Volunteer Forum Virtual Community, at


Five-Year Anniversary

In 1998 GOLD Affinity Groups began forming and have grown steadily each year to a total of 65 groups in 2003. The GOLD Committee is celebrating this five-year anniversary by recognizing past GOLD Affinity Group Chairs with a new IEEE officer pin for the Affinity Group Chair. The Committee is providing 22 pins to IEEE members ? 5 in this group are now Senior Members, all are still active in membership and 6 have continued in an IEEE volunteer positions including Section Chair and Region GOLD Coordinator.

Many of the volunteers in this group were instrumental in forming the first GOLD Affinity Groups and, in turn, helped to motivate the next group of IEEE GOLD leaders. The GOLD Committee congratulates every IEEE member who volunteers their time and efforts in IEEE activities and extends its thanks to all our GOLD Affinity Groups Chairs worldwide.

For more information, please contact Cathy Downer at

RAB AWARD NOMINATIONS (deadline reminder)

The RAB Awards and Recognition Program seeks to honor the outstanding efforts of some of the most invaluable IEEE Volunteers who have made substantial Regional contributions through innovative projects, exemplary leadership, service, and by fulfilling the goals as related to Transnational Activities. Each of the four awards has a unique mission and criteria, and offers the opportunity to honor distinguished colleagues, inspiring teachers and corporate leaders.

These awards, the most prestigious RAB has to offer, are designed to recognize outstanding efforts by IEEE volunteers. These are NOT technical achievement awards The deadline for nominations is 15 October 2003. For a description of the awards and to submit award nominations, visit Questions may be sent to



Do you have a good IEEE experience to share with a colleague? Why not tell your peers about some of the benefits that you have experienced as an IEEE member? You can help make your colleagues more informed about IEEE, and at the same time earn yourself an incentive for successfully recruiting them.

IEEE conducts the MGM and SGS campaigns annually to encourage members to actively recruit their colleagues or fellow students to become IEEE members. The program makes sense, since who is better equipped to extol the benefits of membership than our existing members? This year's program will run from 2 September 2003 through 15 August 2004. In return for their efforts, a small financial "thank you" will be awarded to all recruiters that can be used as a credit towards IEEE or Society membership dues, or towards the purchase of IEEE services and products.

For rules of the programs and recruiting tips, visit: or contact Felicia Taylor via email at


By 1 September, election ballots will have been mailed to all IEEE voting members in Regions 1-10, who are of Member grade and higher. Prior to receiving your ballot packages, we encourage you to visit the Candidates' website to familiarize yourself with the Candidates' Statements of Candidacy and their biographical information. You can also visit their personal websites from this page, by following the instructions on the chart. Visit: for this information

When you return your ballot, assure that your annual election ballot is counted by using the postage-paid envelope provided in your ballot package and return the SIGNED ballot in time to be received before noon on 3 November 2003. Use sufficient postage for delivery to the United States.

Please do not mail your ballot to the Operations Center with other correspondence.


IEEE Operations Center

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IEEE Regional Activities

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