IEEE Orlando Section Operating Procedures


(Revised September 29, 2016)

In all instances, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Bylaws, Constitution, IEEE Policy Manual, and MGA Operations Manual (MGAOM) shall prevail when there is a conflict between these documents and this document.

1.0††††††† SECTION NAME

This organization shall be known as the IEEE Orlando Section.


The Orlando Section shall be composed of IEEE members whose IEEE mailing addresses are within the following counties, all in the State of Florida:

2.1††††††† Orange

2.2††††††† Osceola

2.3††††††† Seminole

2.4††††††† Lake

2.5††††††† Sumter

3.0††††††† SECTION OFFICERS (see MGAOM Section 9.4 F 1-10)

3.1.1†††† Chair (See MGAOM Section 9.4 F3)

The Chair serves as a member of the Finance Committee.The Chair serves as the Section representative on the Regional Committee and shall serve as the representative of the Section in the IEEE Florida Council (FCIEEE).

3.1.2†††† Vice-Chair (See MGAOM Section 9.4 F4)

The Vice-Chair shall serve as the Program Committee Chair and as a member of the Finance Committee.The Vice-Chair is an alternate delegate from the Section to the Regional Committee and to the IEEE Florida Council and shall serve as the Section representative at any meeting of the Regional Committee and of the IEEE Florida Council in the absence of the Section Chair.

The Vice-Chair shall automatically become the Chair at the conclusion of their term. (Option allowed by MGAOM Section 9.4 F)

3.1.3†††† Secretary (See MGAOM Section 9.4 F5)

3.1.4†††† Treasurer (See MGAOM Section 9.4 F6)

The Treasurer shall maintain a checking account in the name of the Section, and invest reserves in the IEEE investment fund.

The Treasurer shall serve as Chair of the Section Finance Committee, which shall include the Junior Past Chair, the current Section Chair and Vice-Chair.

3.2††††††† Officer Elected By the Affinity Groups/Society Chapters

Affinity Group/Society Chapters Representative (Chaptersí Chair) shall be elected by the Chapter Chairs each year at the January meeting of the Executive Committee, or as soon thereafter as a quorum consisting of half the Chapter Chairs plus one can be convened. The outgoing Affinity Group/Society Chapters Representative shall continue to serve until a successor is elected.

The Group/Society Chapters Representative is a member of the Executive Board.He may be a present or past Chapter Chair; his role is to act as a spokesman for the chapters, to advise them on procedural matter, and to maintain a meeting calendar for Chapters and Section meetings, assisting in setting meeting dates to avoid conflicts between meetings.

3.3††††††† Qualification for Elected Officers

All Elected Officers must be members of the Orlando Section at the time of nomination and must maintain an active membership status throughout the term of office.They must be willing and able to serve in the capacity for which they are nominated. Election of all officers shall take place every two years year. (Option allowed per MGAOM Section 9.4 F7)

3.4††††††† Appointed Officers and Duties

The Chair of the Standing Committees shall be appointed by the Section Chair with the approval of the Section Executive Committee, and their terms correspond to the term of office of the elected officers of the Section.Each Committee Chair shall appoint his/her Committee members, with the approval of the Section Executive Committee, and their terms are to be the same as the Chairsí end-of-term date.

3.4.1†††† Standing Committees

All Standing Committees are to be included in determining the presence of a quorum unless its members are counted otherwise. The standing committees are the following: Committee

This Committee shall provide the programs and speakers for the Section meetings as directed by the Section Chair and the Executive Committee.It coordinates the timing of Section meetings with the Affinity Group/Society Chapter Representative.This committee shall also make all arrangements for facilities and for the printing and distribution of tickets for Section meetings and shall prepare and maintain a current list of facilities that may be used for Section or Chapter meetings.The list, to include capacities, prices, dinner options, and reservation information, shall be provided to the incoming program Chairmen each December. Development Committee

This Committee is responsible for bringing the advantages of IEEE membership to the attention of potential members within the Orlando Section territory.It sends letters of welcome to new members and to members transferring into the Section area, encouraging them to become active in Section affairs.This Committee is also responsible for encouraging transfers to highest grades for which existing members are qualified.In carrying out these duties, this committee shall maintain and distribute an adequate supply of related literature and applications issued by IEEE Headquarters for the purpose of membership and transfers. Relations Committee

This committee shall be responsible for properly advertising meetings of the section and for all local publicity on IEEE matters, including releases to the press on IEEE awards and appointments, and other matters of professional or human interest involving Section members.It shall maintain a media mailing list with current names and addresses to be used for press release dissemination. Committee

This committee is responsible for publishing and distributing the Orlando Section Monthly. In this capacity, this committee shall seek and acquire suitable paid advertisements for the Monthly in order to minimize costs to the Section for their publication. Committee

The Junior Past Section Chair shall serve as the Awards Committee Chair.This committee shall acquaint themselves with all IEEE and other related awards, taking appropriate action for the active participation of the Section in recommending deserving candidates for those awards.In addition, this committee shall establish an on-going Awards Program to recognize technical excellence and IEEE service within the Orlando Section. Engineering Society (FES) Liaison Committee

This committee is responsible for maintaining close contact and liaison with FES for the joint purpose of enhancing the professional status of engineers. Activities Committee For Engineers (PACE)

This committee shall promote and implement those objectives, which reflect the professional principles covered in the IEEE Constitution.This committee shall also be guided by the policies and directives of the National and Region 3 PACE groups. Activities Committee

This committee shall include all IEEE Student Branch Counselors or Section Student Representatives (SSR) within the territory of the Orlando Section.This committee is responsible for establishing Section cooperation with the Student Branches and supporting Student activities within the Section and Region. Committee

This committee, composed of the Junior Past Chair, Section Chair and Vice-Chair, and chaired by the Section Treasurer, will be responsible for reviewing the financial affairs of the Section and take initiative for making recommendations to the Executive Committee when warranted.It shall preview the annual budget in advance of its submission to the Executive Committee.Since its members are counted otherwise, this committee is not included in determining the presence of a quorum.††††††††††† Conference Committee

This committee shall be responsible for coordinating Section activities in the support or production of technical conferences or seminars, including making recommendations for such involvement, proposing appropriate facility and other arrangements for them subject to Section approval, and extending invitations to IEEE entities to hold conferences, seminars, or technical exhibitions within the Section's jurisdiction.This committee coordinates closely with the Education Committee for the production of short courses and other educational endeavors beneficial to the section.††††††††††† Historian

This committee maintains archival records of interest in recording the history of the Section, and prepares (with annual updates) a narrative describing the activities of the Section, from which excerpts can be taken as appropriate in defining award eligibility, Section growth, etc.††††††††††† Education Committee

This committee is responsible for the planning and execution of programs to aid in members' continuing education, through the conduct of tutorials and short courses.Budgets for such activity sponsored by the Section require approval of the Section Executive Committee.††††††††††† Other Committees

As necessary to accomplish defined activities that require functioning of the Committee on a continuing or "year-around" basis.All Other Committees are to be included in determining the presence of a quorum unless its members are counted otherwise.

i.Strategic Planning Committee

This committee is responsible for evaluating strategies for using and investing the Section's assets so as to best serve the Section membership, while maintaining Section liquidity.This committee will discuss all suggestions made by Section members relative to future Section activities, and make suggestions on appropriate actions to the Executive Committee.

ii.Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for the operation of the web site and e-mail for the Section. Not less than once a year a hard copy mailing should be sent to the active Section membership including at least the following information: how to subscribe to the Section email list, the URL for the Sectionsí web page, and how members may update their contact information in the IEEE master database.

3.4.2†††† SPECIAL COMMITTEES Nominating Committee (See MGAOM Section 9.4 G) Committees

Other committees shall be established as necessary to accomplish specific activities of a short term basis such as Operating Procedures, Special Events, etc.

3.4.3†††††††††††††††† Operations and Planning

Each committee shall prepare a yearly activities plan.No officer, committee, or Section member shall commit the name Orlando Section IEEE (explicitly or by inference) to any endeavor without approval of the Section Executive Committee.

3.5††††††† TERMS OF OFFICE

a) The term of office shall begin on January 1st for elected offices and immediately after appointment for appointed officers and shall expire on December 31st or until a successor is elected/appointed and takes office, whichever comes last.

b) Section Election Process (See MGAOM Section 9.4 F-7)

4.0††††††† Section Election Process (See MGAOM Section 9.4 H)

5.0††††††† Section Management (See MGAOM Section 9.4 D)


The Section administrative year shall be January 1st to December 31st.

7.1††††††† FINANCIAL

7.1.1†††† Section Funds (See MGAOM Section 9.4 I) Investment Fund

The Section Investment Fund was established in 2006 to invest a surplus (generally funds exceeding 18 to 24 months of operating budget) generated by the Section.The income from the Investment Fund is intended to provide future funding of Section initiatives to support Student Chapters, scholarship programs/grants, and other Section and Chapter activities if deemed necessary by the Section Executive Committee.The objective of the Sectionís Investment Fund is to provide these financial resources while attempting to preserve the principal balance of the initial investment in order to provide a continued revenue source for the Section.

Movement of funds between the Concentration Bank Account and the IEEE Investment Fund are the responsibility of the Section Treasurer and requires advance authorization of the Section Executive Committee by a simple majority.

7.1.2†††† Budget

The Treasurer shall prepare a proposed Section budget for the fiscal year beginning January 1 and submit it for approval at the October meeting of the Executive Committee.

7.1.3†††† Final Budget

The Treasurer shall submit a final Section budget for approval at the November meeting of the Executive Committee.

7.1.4†††† Operating Budget††††††††

The Section shall begin administrative operations January 1st using the budget that went into effect on the previous January 1st .

7.2††††††† Audit

The Section financial records shall be audited by the Finance Committee.An audit shall be made whenever there is a change of Section Treasurer, by an audit committee appointed by the Section Chair.An annual audit shall be made by the Finance Committee at the end of the calendar year and shall be the basis of the Annual Financial Report to IEEE Headquarters.

7.3††††††† Affinity Groups/Society Chapters (Subunits)

The Orlando Section has the policy to encourage the formation and continuous operation of Affinity Groups/Society Chapters in all specialty fields in which 12 or more members of the Section, above student grade, have an active interest.Management of the subunits will be undertaken by the Section and governed as detailed in these Operating Procedures, including financial activity where appropriate, as well as officer and election activity.


Each Chapter will operate on a January 1st to December 31st fiscal year.


Each Chapter is to conduct annual elections such that the Chair for the following twelve months has been selected by the date of the December Executive Committee meeting each year.


Each Chapter is to have its Chair or his designated representative(s) at each Section Executive Committee meeting in order that liaison and awareness of each otherís activities may be maintained.


Each Chapter shall hold at least two meetings each year as prescribed by the IEEE Bylaws.


All Section members shall be notified of all Chapter meetings.These meetings shall be announced in the Orlando Section Monthly and by Email.

7.3.6†††† Chapter Operating Budgets

The Chapter Chair shall submit a proposed operating budget for the January 1st December 31st fiscal year to the Section Treasurer by the October meeting of the Executive Committee.

The Chapter Chair shall be responsible for submitting a final budget by the November meeting of the Executive Committee.

Chapters may begin administrative operations on January 1st using the budget in effect on January 1st.

Chapters will have control of their budgeted funds.If expenditures will exceed the amount approved in the operating budget, chapters will be required to have their budgets amended by a vote of the Executive Committee or by the Executive Board at a specially called meeting.Chapter meeting rebates from parent Societies shall revert to the Section Treasurer's account (see Section7.1).


All Chapter meetings will be coordinated by the Group/Society Representative.


The Chapter Secretary shall prepare a Chapter Meeting Report and submit it to the Section Secretary within 10 days after each meeting.


No Affinity Group/Society shall commit the name Orlando Section IEEE (explicitly or by inference) to any endeavor without approval of the Section Executive Committee.

7.4††††††† Florida Council IEEE Activity

The Orlando Section, as a member section in the Florida Council of IEEE, participates fully in the meetings and activities of that body.Unless otherwise designated, the Section Chair and Vice-Chair are the Section representative and alternate representative to the Council, empowered to vote on behalf of the Section in Council matters.If these representatives are unable to attend a duly called Florida Council meeting, it shall be the responsibility of the Section Chair to designate a proxy to vote the Orlando Section's votes at the meeting.This designation shall be in writing, addressed to the Chair, Florida Council, and dispatched in sufficient time to be received prior to the meeting concerned.The designate proxy may be the Chair of the Florida Council.

7.5††††††† Section Publications (See MGAOM Section 9.4 J)

The Section shall publish a periodical named ORLANDO SECTION MONTHLY or similar such title, which will be the major medium of communication with the Section membership.Subject to approval of the Executive Committee, the Chair of the Publications Committee shall determine format and title, establish deadlines, set advertising rates, and obtain advertising for the Orlando Section Monthly.Thiscommittee may include a business manager charged with the responsibility for advertising sales, billings, and collections.Funds received from advertising shall be deposited with the Section Treasurer as soon as practicable.

8.0††††††† MEETINGS

Section Meetings will normally be held during the months of January through December.This Section shall hold no less than five meetings during the year.

8.2††††††† Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet each month, except in July, and upon the call of the Section Chair or Executive Board.A quorum must be present to conduct business (see Section5.2).These meetings shall be open to all members of the Orlando Section.

9.0††††††† AMENDMENT

Proposedchanges thereto, and the reasons therefore, shall be delivered or mailed to the Section Executive Committee members at least twenty days before the stipulated meeting of the Section Executive Committee at which the vote shall be taken.Two-thirds (2/3) of all votes cast at that meeting shall be required to approve any new Operating Procedures, amendment or revocation.Such amendments must be reviewed by IEEE Staff, and approved by the Region Director and MGA Board

10.0††††† GENERAL

These Operating Procedures establish the governing, operations, and administration of the Orlando Section in accordance with the provisions contained in the Member and Geographic Activities Operations Manual (MGAOM), IEEE Constitution and Bylaws.

Updated 09/29/2016