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Officers and Contacts

Chair Brian Kowald 828-697-4231
Vice Chair Mark Howell 828-726-2617
Secretary Bill Barkley 828-225-7197
Treasurer Bill Barkley 828-225-7197

Committee Chairs

Professional Activities Fred Orland 828-665-4761
Membership Development Jim Corr 828-694-3610
Education Programs Perry Sprawls 828-669-8322
  Student Activities    
UNCA Teresa Mathews  
WCU Dr. Peter Tay    
CCC&TI Mark Howell    
  Society and Affinity Officers    
Local Consultant's Network      
Chair A.J. Burke  
Vice Chair Jim Corr 828-694-3610
PES/IAS Chapter      
Chair Tom Farr 828-687-3136
Vice Chair Bob Pettigrew 828-255-7072

Past Chair

We would like to thank the past chairs for their great effort and generous contribution of their time to the WNC Section.
Fred Orland
Jim Corr
James Erickson
Fred Orland
Robert Pettigrew
Friend Skinner
Rick Taylor
Cullen Wright
Torry D Wickwire
Douglas Nuttall
Beth Woodson
Michael D. Willis
Bill Medaris

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