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Chicago Cyber Security Summit
August 24,2021 - ONLINE - FREE - 8 CPE

CornCon 7 - QC Cybersecurity Conference
Sep 10-11,2021 - QC Waterfront Convention Center

Cybersocial every 3rd Friday at 5:30 CT
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2020 Officers

Chair: Judah Richardson

Vice-Chair: Stephanie Macuga

Treasurer: Jose Candelario

Secretary: Kenneth Kozol

Professional Activities Chair: Steve Steiner

Educational Activities Chair: Roberta Osmers

Student Activities Chair: Sayonnha Mandal

Nominations & Appointments Chair: Binto George

Awards & Recognition Chair: Nitu Mandal

Membership Development Chair: Jake McCune

Women in Engineering Chair: Bekki Watkins

Young Professionals Chair: Jose Candelario

Webmaster: John Johnson

Member-at-Large 1: James White

Member-at-Large 2: Brady Mayes

Power & Energy Society Chair:
Jose Villareal

Computer Society Chair/Vice Chair:
Shadrack Roberts / John Johnson


Past Meetings (starting in 2009)

2008 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2007 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2006 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings

2005 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2004 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2003 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2002 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings

Students & Sections & Societies

St. Ambrose University Student Branch

IEEE Cedar Rapids Section

IEEE Milwaukee Section

Quad City Engineering and Science Council (QCESC)

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