Mosen Ghavami

PES Chair


Mohsen is a Transmission Planning Engineer with Xcel Energy in Amarillo, TX. He graduated with a Masterís degree in electrical and computer engineering from Texas A&M University and currently he is working on his Ph.D. under supervision of Professor Singh at Texas A&M University. His research interests are power system reliability, risk analysis, maintenance, asset management, probabilistic methods and their applications to power and energy system planning. Prior to joining Xcel Energy in 2011, Mohsen was working at Siemens Inc as a Research and Development Engineer in Pittsburgh, PA where he was involved in Variable Frequency Drives technology design. He has more than four years of combined research and industry experience in power system design and management. He is currently serving as the PES chair for IEEE Panhandle section. Outside of work, Mohsen enjoys spending time with friends and playing sports.