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Membership Has Its Rewards !

Membership has many benefits, and you may not know a very important site that helps you get the most out of your IEEE membership. This is it:

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Promote Yourself ?

        Sure you can!    Members interested in enhancing their IEEE member status to the grade of SENIOR MEMBER should contact  Jim Gilmer . (806-640-6321). Jim can help you with the information necessary to attain a desirable and highly respected membership grade. (One thing that might help sway you about the decision to do something nice for yourself is that this change in member grade is FREE! Really!)

Resistor Rule        

Important Reminder from the Board of the Panhandle Section

Communication between the section and the members is essentially paperless with the exception of yearly Section/Society elections. Therefore, meeting announcements and newsletters are distributed via email. Members who want to receive hardcopy newsletters and announcements by US Mail are welcome to request this service by contacting  Jim Gilmer by email or phone (806-640-6321). The information the Section uses for all our communications functions comes from the IEEE Contact Information you usually supply when becoming a member or when renewing your membership. Thus it is critical that the Section have your correct preferred email address, etc. Please update your IEEE contact information, as needed.



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November 04, 2009