Welcome to the 2013 IEEE Panhandle Section Officers!

Executive Committee:

Chairman: Steve Hudson Steve's E-mail  (806)378-2165

Vice-Chairman: Joe Dunn Joe's E-mail(806) 359-2606

Secretary: Kandas Graham Kandas's E-mail  (806) 378-2338

Treasurer: Dustin Graham Dustin's E-mail  (806)378-2305

Past Chairman: Dustin Eiland Dustin's E-mail  (806) 378-2434


1st Year Director: Jeff Lee Jeff's E-mail (972) 375-6076 

2nd Year Director: Brett Hammer Brett's E-mail 640-6309

Committee Chairpersons:

PACE (Professional Activities Committee for Engineers): Prashanth Buyanni Prashanth's E-mail (806) 378-2739

Membership: Jim Gilmer  Jim's E-mail (806) 640-6321

Awards: Rhett Despain Rhett's E-mail  (806) 378-4131

Education: Dustin Eiland Dustin's E-mail  (806) 378-2434

                  Juan Nieto Juan's E-mail (806) 378-2148

GOLD: Jonathan Snodgrass Jonathan's E-mail  (806) 359-2602

Consultants Network: Scott Davis Scott's E-mail (806) 376-9678

Community Service Projects: John Vara John's E-mail (806) 378-2315 

Web Chair: Roland Azcarraga Roland's E-mail (806) 378-2163

Arrangement Chair: Steve Hudson Steve's E-mail  (806)378-2165

Chapter Chairpersons:

PES (Power & Energy Society): Mohsen Ghavami Mohsen's e-mail (806) 378-2787 


Meet our 2013 Executive Committee....

L-R: Steven Hudson (Chairperson), Kandas Graham (Secretary), Dustin Graham (Treasurer) and Joe Dunn (Vice Chair)


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Last Updated on
August 18, 2013