IEEE Panhandle Section Photo Album 

August 20, 2013, Power Engineering Society Meeting

Mr. Andre Uribe from Power Grid Engineering Co. headquartered in Winter Springs, Florida presented a topic in " Quality Assurance Program (Specific to Utility).

March 19, 2013 Spring Seminar

                           Mr. Charles Pennington of the Texas Board of Engineers coming back to us again for the Ethics class!


Mr. Thomas Freeman of Zachary Engineering talked about fundamental review of Storing Electricity through Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Technology solutions that provide an economic means for recovering energy when you need it.

Mr. Matthew Hershey of NASA presented the Research and Development of Engineering Human Space flight at Johnson Space Center


October 22, 2012 Fall Seminar

Attendees picking up their registration package. Volunteers Nicole Bailey and Jeff Watson (R) giving out name tags 


IEEE volunteers Bret Hammer and Jim Gilmer handing out registration packages (L); Robert Bryant (R) welcoming attendees


Alice Deringer, Conflict Resolution specialist opened the seminar with a great presentation on.... Why can't we all get along?


Sam Hagins, Energy Manager for the Veteran's Hospital in Amarillo, Texas  presented  "Going Green at the VA Hospital"


A Discussion of Ethical Challenges presented by Scott Brumley, Potter Co. Attorney in Amarillo, Texas


David Robb, Xcel Energy Supply Engineering group Manager presented... Is Making Coal Plants Pass More Gas the Right Answer?


Rusty Eulberg demonstrated his 3D machine invention without mold or machine tools... instant prototype!


August 28, 2012 Section Meeting Sponsored by the Consultant Network Affinity Group

We enjoyed Darren Murphy's presentation on  " A new Style of Effective Communication" for our August meeting


March 8, 2012 Spring Professional Seminar

Mr. Robert Bryant welcoming the attendees and giving seminar details.... 

Mr. Charles Pennington from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers is back to give us another exciting and real life ethics update 

Mr. Claude Joseph, VP & Senior Petroleum Engineer of Union Bank gave us an interesting topic in the latest technology in oil and gas exploration.

Mr. Roger Hayes gave us a presentation on how to become Bona Fide inventor. He shared his experiences as an inventor and showed us few of his inventions and how he was able to obtain the patents and copyrights.

Mr. Jeff Joyce, a CPA from Johnson & Sheldon PC updated us on the latest IRS taxation rules and guidelines. He gave us basic business start-up do's and don'ts in taxation compliance. 

Mr. Eric Spellman is back! He shared with us with the latest computer gizmos and the latest and coolest web sites in the web.


October, 2011 Fall Professional Seminar

Mr. Robert Bryant introduced our guest speakers from General Motors, Mr. Jeff Thompson (blue shirt) and Richard Henderson (white shirt) to present  the new GM's electric car Chevy Volt 2011 model.


Mr. Jeff Thompson, GM's South Central Regional Technical Manager presented the technical specifications of the new Chevy Volt.


The new Chevy Volt demo unit courtesy of Westgate Chevrolet.


 Mr. Scott Jones presented the new Alstrom manufacturing facility in Amarillo, TX 


Potter County attorney Scott Brumley was our guest speaker for this fall's Ethics class.


Richard Holz, P.E., Global Engineering Operations Director of  Sun Edison/MEMC  made his presentation on solar cells and discussed our country's renewable policies.


March 22, 2011 Spring Professional Seminar

Mr. Charles Pennington of the Texas Board of Engineers is back to update us on the latest changes in the Texas Engineering Practice Act and Ethics.

Mrs. Tammy Hamby of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority addressed questions about the water situation in the Texas Panhandle Region.

Mr. David Stidham, Senior VP and COO of Tres Amigas updated and explained what's going on this highly publicized project.

Mr. Darren Murphy returns to revisit our inquiry into the generational differences that make our lives and jobs difficult and interesting.

Mr. Eric Spellmann returns to update us on the latest tech gizmo... what's hot/new/confusing/helpful/fun, the PC's, Ipods, IPhones, Ipads, and Cloud computing.



January 25, 2011 Section Meeting

Kyle Vest from Edward Jones presented and discussed the current investment Market, the Economy, and other Investment Topics  during the January 2011 officer installation night.



December 13, 2010 Section Meeting sponsored by PES


Mike Mount of GarrettCom Inc presented the difference between network switches, routers, terminal servers, converters, managed versus unmanaged devices, and introduced us to NERC/CIP product solutions.


November 9, 2010 Section Meeting sponsored by GOLD Affinity Group

Brian Byrd presented members and walked through the IEEE website to show section members the tools and benefits of an  IEEE member.


October 19, 2010 Fall Professional Seminar

Mr. Edward Ytuarte, Executive Director of the New Mexico State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors gave updated us new board information and presented real-life ethics situations.

Mr. Sriram Emani.of Xtreme Power presented the latest technology in electrical energy storage and also presented  real-world applications in "Green Energy Resources".

Mr. Josh (Foreground) and Jake Wood (background) of Wood Financial presented and shared pertinent information on how to make better decisions when investing in the stock market.

Dr. Shawn Fouts, Dean of the Career and Technical Education Division at Amarillo College presented on how to  find and make use of our opportunities to improve our networking skills in today's world


September 14, 2010 Joint Section Meeting with TSPE

The section extend our gratitude to our guests speakers Dr. LaVelle Mills (Left), WTAMU Associate Dean & Professor of Management and Dr. De’Arno De’Armond (Right), WTAMU Assistant Professor of Finance & Hickman Professor of Marketing, who made a presentation on the WTAMU MBA Program.

Our guest speakers taking time for pictorial after the presentation with section officers Brian Byrd (Vice-Chair) and Steven Hudson (Treasurer)


May 13, 2010 Section Meeting

Jay Hicks of ABB Substation Automation Division presented the IEC 61850 Communications Protocol at our May Section Meeting  sponsored by the Power and Energy Society (PES)

(From Left to Right) ABB representatives Greg Skypala, Adrian McNulty, Jay Hicks of ABB Substation Automation Division and Scott Davis (PES Chairperson) posing for a picture after the presentation.


April 7, 2010 Section Meeting

Allan Gwyn, Meteorologist for KFDA News Channel 10 presented the latest Weather Forecasting Technology


Spring, 2010 Professional Topics Seminar

We are glad to have Mr. Charles Pennington from the Texas State Board of Professional Engineers Office back in Amarillo for another ethics presentation.

                                 Chris Stewart educated and gave attendees basic understanding about intellectual Property Law

Mr. Chris Pardington, preparing for his presentation with seminar host Mr. Robert Bryant. Chris did a tremendous job as a last minute fill-in for Mr. Kerry McBee. He talked about Xcel Energy Smart Grid program in Boulder Colorado, how it benefited his department functions in the areas of design, planning, protection schemes, and power quality investigations.

Mr. Darrin Murphy of Amarillo Independent School District shared some pointers on how to communicate, how to relate and how to have fruitful communications with different generations.

Mr. Spellmann returns to our Seminar to give us a professional's review of the latest Microsoft Operating system Windows 7. He also presented about the latest gadgets and cool websites.  It's a delight to have him back as our speaker. 


February 18, 2010 Engineers Banquet

Guest Speaker Texas State Representative Warren Chisum 

updating us on current state and political situation....

The 2010 IEEE Panhandle section Leadership and Achievement Award goes to Mr. Robert Bryant

The award being handed by Chair Mike Rebstock to Mr. Bryant


January 19, 2010 Section Meeting 

Guest Speaker Dr. Duane Rosa of West Texas A&M University

discusses the nation's state of the economy.

Incoming Chairperson Mike Rebstock recognizing 

Bob Cochran for a job well done as 2009 Chairperson

Meet our 2010 Executive Committee. From left to right, Dustin Eiland (Secretary), 

Steve Hudson (Treasurer), Brian Byrd (Vice-Chair), Mike Rebstock (Chairperson)


Dr. Shawn Fouts Makes a Point About Personal

Networking At the November Section Meeting


Cesar Ramos of Wind Works Speaks on Residential Wind Generation

At the October Section Meeting Held Jointly with the Consultants' Network



Fall, 2009 Professional Topics Seminar


Registration Begins For The Seminar


Thom Trumble Explained the Advanced

 Features of the Toyota Prius Hybrid Car


Attendees Gather In the Auditorium


Art Schwartz Discusses Engineering Ethics


Lewis Britt of Mac Thornberry's Office Explains the

Legislative Process at the Fall Seminar


Dale Buckner Introduces Dr. Matt Medeiros


Dr. Matt Medeiros Speaks on Achieving Financial

Stability During the Fall Professional Topics Seminar


Ray Wilson of Cat-Man-Du Explains the Ins and Outs of

Networking in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace 

During the 2009 Fall Professional Topics Seminar



AJ Swope Speaks About Panhandle Wind Farms

at the September Section Meeting


Buffet Line Before 6/25/09 Section Meeting


Scott Davis (Right) Presents Past Chair Award to Rhett DeSpain

At The June, 2009 Section Meeting


Matt Leoni Discusses Smart Grid Applications at the

June, 2009 Section Meeting


Brian Byrd (GOLD Chair) visits with Wayne Acklin, Mathcounts Coordinator, 

at the April 21, 2009 joint section meeting with our GOLD affinity group


Dustin Eiland (Treasurer), Lewis Thomas (Education Co-Chair), Sherral Bell, and Kim Smith

Greet Attendees at the Registration Desk for the Spring Seminar



Lewis Thomas and Jeff Stebbins (Education Co-Chairs) Visit With

Blake Bailey Before Lunch at the Spring Professional Topics Seminar



Blake Bailey Introduces Jeff Biggers at the Spring Professional Topics Seminar



Jeff Biggers Speaks on Financial Planning at the Spring Professional Topics Seminar



Charley Pennington, PE Speaks on Engineering Ethics

at the Spring Professional Topics Seminar



Attendees at the Spring Professional Topics Seminar

Enjoy Stretching and Visiting Between Presentations



Brent Guinn Talks About Distance Learning at Texas Tech University



Ken Starcher, Director of the Alternative Energy Institute at WTAMU,

Speaks About Solar and Wind Energy at the Spring Professional Topics Seminar



Eric Spellman Gives a Lively Presentation at the

Spring Professional Topics Seminar



James Savage (Right) Presents the Leadership And Achievement Award

to Past Chairman Rhett DeSpain at the 2009 Engineers Week Banquet



Brian Nutter Begins the Discussion on the 2009 Region V Conference

At the January, 2009 Section Meeting



Richard Gale Considers a Question Concerning the Upcoming Region V Conference

During His Presentation at the January, 2009 Section Meeting



Marcus Borhani Discusses Arrangements Being Made for the Region V Conference

During the January, 2009 Section Meeting


Bob Wilson Obviously In Animated Conversation During the December, 2008

Section Meeting at Which He Spoke on Arc Flash Protection


Finally! A Picture of the 2008 Executive Officers  (Taken at the December Meeting!!)

Left to right: Bob Cochran (Vice-Chair), Brian Byrd (Treasurer), Rhett DeSpain (Chair), and Mike Rebstock (Secretary). Thanks for all your hard work, guys!


Finally!! At the Last Section Meeting of the Year, Chairman Rhett DeSpain Gets To Present Kenny Munsell With His Past-Chair's Appreciation Plaque.

Better Late Than Never!!!

Thanks, Kenny!!!


Jeff Stebbins Opens the Fall 2008 Professional Topics Seminar


Randy Anderson Talks About How to Avoid Procrastination At The Fall 2008 Professional Topics Seminar


Sandi Bryant Puts A Friendly Face On Vista During The Fall 2008 Professional Topics Seminar


Dr. Pilaka Murty Discusses Ethics Issues During the Fall 2008 Professional Topics Seminar



Jack Stanley Addresses the Spring 2008 Seminar, speaking on Robotics


Karen Taylor, PMP, Speaks on Project Management at the Spring, 2008 Professional Development Seminar


Mr. Marty Jones Delivers a Lively, Educational Presentation on Ethics During the Spring 2008 Professional Development Seminar



Co-Chairs Lewis Thomas and Jeff Stebbins Enjoy a Light Moment During the Spring Professional Development Seminar



Annette Carlisle Talks About Education In The Panhandle At February's Meeting



Buzz David Refers to Data From Amarillo EDC During the January Meeting


New Senior Members Sun-Ham Or and Lewis Thomas

Share a Moment After Receiving Their Senior Member Pens During the November Meeting


Fall, 2007 Professional Topics Seminar

Randy Anderson Discusses Life Balance and Margin

Andy Roller Explains Responsibility in his Ethics Presentation



San Jacinto Micromonkeys Send Their Thanks

The winning San Jacinto Christian Academy, back from their competition, send their thanks to our Section

for supporting their contest trip:






















April 19, 2007 Joint Meeting With PES

Peter Berg, Magnus Torsend, and Mikael Halonen, Speakers at the April Meeting, joint with PES, Pause for the Camera at "The Big Texan" Restaurant. Their program on "The Benefit to the Electrical Grid with SVCs in the Network" was informative, well-received, and resulted in a good Question and Answer session with the attendees. Thanks, Guys! (Why didn't you order the 72-ounce steak?)



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