IEEE United Layer

Tim Pozar is a telecommunications consultant specializing in network and wireless engineering for government
and commercial applications. He was an early entrepreneur and developer in the Internet startup area. He co-founded a
number of companies such as TLGnet (San Francisco's first ISP), Brightmail (first commercial anti-spam company),
Omniva (digital rights management) and UnitedLayer (colo and ISP). Previous to this for 26 years, Mr. Pozar was a
radio broadcast engineer for commercial and non-commercial radio stations.

Mr. Pozar is active in community wireless networking. As such he is a co-founder of the Bay Area Wireless User Group.
Pozar is also leading an effort, called Bay Area Research Wireless Network (BARWN), to study the issues (such as scaling,
sustainability, etc) of deploying wireless high speed Internet access for urban and rural settings to address digital
divide issues. The BARWN network is currently working with the City of San Francisco to deploy backbone and last mile
to the City's housing developments. The infrastructure is based on very low-cost unlicensed equipment.

Mr. Pozar has also published a number of papers covering the regulatory issues in the United States and engineering of high
speed wireless networks.

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