Subject: FIRST Robotics (March) needs volunteers signed up now!



I'w writing to ask for your help with the Silicon Valley Regional FIRST

Robotics Competition for high school kids on March 15-17.   We need at

least 100 volunteers of all ages and talents to run the competition - referees, safety inspectors, crowd control, setup, check-in, etc.


I need volunteers signed up right away so we'll be ready for March.  If you think you may be able to help - whether just one or all three days - please sign up now!  Forward this to anyone interested- whatever their background (college students, retired, anyone who can help!). 




Elise  Engelhardt

( Also just attending the competition is free and encouraged too!  It's open to the public.)



SVEC, on behalf of FIRST Robotics, is looking for volunteers to support the Silicon Valley First Robotics Competition March 15 - 17, 2007


Location:    San Jose State University Event Center


What is the FIRST Robotics Competition?


FIRST has developed a national robotics competition that appeals to high school students and challenges them to the "Ultimate Mind Sport." This competition is the largest high school event of its kind developing critical skills in science and technology in a super-charged learning atmosphere.  FIRST competitions involve more than 170,000 students, teachers, mentors and engineers on more than 1,300 teams across the country.


Students work with engineers to design, build and test a robot developed as a solution to a competition problem provided by FIRST.  The robots compete in an area requiring the teams to strategize and build offensive and defensive capabilities into their design. Students acquire skills such as problem solving, project management, critical thinking and teamwork: skills necessary to their future and the future of society.

The local Silicon Valley website can be found here:



The Silicon Valley Competition event requires over 100 volunteers with a broad spectrum of talents to support operating needs and competition demands.  We cannot hold the competitions without volunteers.  We need to get the volunteers in place now so we are ready for March.


A variety of volunteer positions are available both technical and non-technical.  Many positions are available for those with no prior experience with a robotics competitions. Position descriptions and times can be viewed when you register.


If you think you may be able to volunteer for the FIRST Robotics Competition, please sign up right away in FIRST's Volunteer Information and Matching System (VIMS). To access VIMS go to <> Click on the red star to the left which says "Sign me up!"  Proceed as directed. Make sure you choose the SVRegional as your volunteer choice so we can contact you.  (If you experience problems registering or have additional questions, please contact  <> ) You will then receive a follow up call from me and a confirmation email from FIRST.


Training will be supplied by FIRST either at the time of the event, by conference call, or on-line.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day. You can sign up for one to three days.  VIMS will indicate the positions requiring attendance all 3 days.  You may also contact me directly at  <> or call me at 408-360-0669


Volunteers will receive a complimentary FIRST T-shirt to be worn on-site at all times when they are volunteering.  The dress code is casual: the volunteer T-shirt may be worn with casual wear such as blue jeans or khakis and comfortable closed toe shoes.  The volunteer T-shirts will be available on-site when you first arrive to work the event.


Please pass this email along to anyone you think may be interested in volunteering.  It is an exciting, fast-moving, rewarding event.  One you will remember for a lifetime!