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IEEE Santa Clara Valley K-12 Committee

February 14,2005

Biography of Committee Members

David Fong has worked for twenty years in the electronics industry.  Presently, he is a  Design Manager at S3 Graphics.  Having three children attend elementary and middle school, he has seen the good and the bad of education.  In 1998, he participated in the first nationally organized event sponsored by IEEE : Technology Literacy Counts where he networked with volunteer engineers and teachers across the United States.  During the year 1999, he engaged with different school principals and teachers and organizations to establish contacts.  In 2000, he was appointed the position of IEEE Santa Clara Valley 
K-12 Education Coordinator where he coordinated the funding by  a local Power Electronics Society to sponsor four Lego Robotics kits at local middle schools.  In addition, he recruited several volunteer engineers to work with the schools.  Looking forward, he plans to establish a local IEEE Santa Clara Education Fund where charitable donations can be funneled into and programs established to enhance the quality and diversity of math,science and technology education in local Santa Clara County schools.

Julie Kenrow for the past two years has worked as Assitant Professor at UOP and Santa Clara University.  She has affiliations with many professional societies and has some volunteer positions : IEEE (active in the Pre-college Education Committee),ASEE,APS,
ITEA -- International Technology Education Association (active in the
Standards for Technical Literacy initiative).  In addition, she has a vision to see improvements in our current K-12 education system : curriculum and teacher improvements.  She is investigating the possibility of an "Engineering" teaching credential offered by CCTC (California Commission of Teaching Credentials)

David Witkowski is Regional Sales Manager for Cadence Design Systems.  Previously, he was CAE Systems Manager at Tropian, a cellular/wireless semiconductor company.  He has held numerous volunteer positions at Santa Rosa Junior College (Executive VP SRJC Student Assembly, Tutor, President of SRJC's Engineers Club) from 1987 till 1994.  While attending UC Davis, he founded and served as president of the SRJC Transfer Mentor Program, an outreach program for incoming students.  He is committed to enhancing the quality of education in K-12 through different math, science, and technology kits.


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