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sciencepalooza! is a community-based science project display exclusively for students in the East Side Union High School District (grades 9-12). It encourages first-time fair participants and over 700 students are expected to participate this year.

Judges Schedule

             8:00-9:00 am 
             9:00-11:00 am 
             11:00-11:30 am 
                             Tabulate Results 
             12:00 Noon 
                             Awards Ceremony (optional) 

            You Should Know

sciencepalooza! encourages first-time fair participants. 
Judges will be provided with suggested questions for students and all necessary scoring information. 
  The majority of projects are at an introductory level and entered by ninth graders. The projects are either experiments or investigations. 
  The projects need to be evaluated by someone familiar with the scientific method. 
  Up to three students may work on the same project. 
Judges will work in pairs and will review and score around 15 projects. 
  Each pair of Judges will choose one Einstein Award Winner (most outstanding project) and two Galileo Award Winners (projects that deserve honorable mention) 

The Synopsys Silicon Valley Science & Technology Championship

             The Synopsys Championship is the regional science fair for students grades 6-12. Grand Prize winners from the Synopsys Championship proceed to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Approximately 1000 middle school and high school students are expected to compete.

                     Wednesday, March 13, 2002
                     San Jose McEnery Convention Center
                     E. San Carlos (between Almaden and
                     San Jose 

             To be a Judge for The Synopsys Championship: Please complete the Judging Sign Up form located on the Synopsys Silicon Valley Science & Technology Championship Web site.


The Synopsys corporation has upped the ante in providing funding for high school as well as middle school in the area of science education.  They will fund projects as well as PAY teachers to support different projects.  Another magnaminous decision was to increase support towards lower income areas of Santa Clara Valley : East San Jose, by way of special contests.  See link below:
Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championships

Santa Clara County Science Fairs (TBD).

October 16,2000

The US First foundation in conjunction with Lego is encouraging Lego Robotics as a way for students in middle schools and high schools to become more hands on in usage and understanding of technology to address different technical problems.  This gives the students an early idea of how fun and challenging engineering is as a career.  They organize contests all across the United States with the finalists going to Disneyworld to hack it out.

See https://www.legomindstorms.com/fll/

The Northern California contest will be conducted on December 3,2000 at the SJSU Event Center where 70 teams will participate and be a part of this action.  It is being co-sponsored with Adept Technology of San Jose.

In addition to large regional contests there are also small exhibition Lego contests.  There is one tentatively planned for November 18,2000 at Cupertino High School.

See https://www.egroups.com/group/worm-events/


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