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IEEE Santa Clara Valley K-12 Education 


November 27,2004

Currently, the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Executive Committe has dedicated five hundred dollars to support K-12 Education efforts.  The funding may only be used towards school competitions to pay for prizes or liability insurance or small equipment/parts purchases for Lego Robotics parts or KNEX kits or science fair prizes.

Due to limited funding, we welcome any funding from local companies or volunteers or members.  This will expand our support to more elementary,middle and high schools in the Santa Clara Valley.  Some donations may be matched by their employers.  Send email to daffy@ieee.org or contact the IEEE Foundation.

Can I donate non-cash items such as computers, laptops, lasers, furniture, batteries, office supplies?

This item is being researched and an updated noticed will be posted by January 2005.

How do I send monetary funds to the IEEE ?

IEEE Foundation, Incorporated
IEEE Development Office
c/o Santa Clara Valley K-12 Education Fund
445 Hoes Lane
PO Box 1331
Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331 

How do I send stocks to the IEEE?

See separate letter on instructions for stock transfer or power of attorney.  Be sure to include letter designating that the stock is for the 

Santa Clara Valley K-12 Education Fund.

Whom do I contact if I have further questions regarding transferrring funds and any other questions related to the IEEE Foundation?

 Karen Galuchie
 IEEE Development & Grants Officer
 445 Hoes Lane
 PO Box 1331
 Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331
 Phone (732) 562-3860
 Fax (732) 981-9515
 Email k.galuchie@ieee.org  

 IEEE Foundation https://www.ieee.org/organizations/foundation

WHO decides how funds will be distributed?
Currently, the IEEE Santa Clara K-12 Education Committee
decides on how funds will be distributed. 

WHAT are the criteria for distributing the funds?
There are different criteria based upon 
a) locality of school to volunteer's home or workplace. 
    e.g. Castro Middle School received a Lego Robotics kit in 1999 
          based upon close locality to David Fong's house. 
b) selection targeted at low-income or low-performing schools. 
    e.g. East San Jose 
c) selection targeted at underrepresented ethnic groups in engineering. 
    e.g. Hispanic and blacks live in East San Jose. 
d) specific requests from schools that may approach our committee. 
    So far none. 
e) specific requests from volunteers who donate funding and 
    who want to target specific schools in their neighborhood. 
   So far none. 

How will the the funds be used? 
The funds will be used to 
a) provide additional equipment to support specific schools 
   so that the teacher may take his/her group to participate in some 
   activity related to using,understanding and applying technology. 
  e.g. Lego Robotics Mindstorm Kits and Laser Optics kits. 
b) provide for funding to support previously supported schools 
    for entrance fees to competitions. 
  e.g. First Lego League Lego Robotics 
c) provide awards and trophies for events that support 
    the understanding and application of technology. 
  e.g. Science Fairs and Lego Robotics Competitions. 
d) provide setup related fees to support technology related competitions. 
e) provide funding for teacher training in science and technology related topics.

  e.g. rental of facilities and insurance. 


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