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Gift of Reading Program
 (sponsored by San Jose Mercury and Kids in Common)

On December 7,2003 three IEEE volunteers (Lee Colby, David and Linda Fong) sorted thousands of books and packaged them into various boxes for distribution.
We had fun with the other volunteers from different non-profit organizations.

Books were distributed by Daisy Cheng and David Fong to the following schools between December 13,2003  - January 8,2004.

Thanks to "Kids in Common" and "San Jose Mercury"
we were able to sort books and distribute books
to over 1500 children in the Santa Clara Valley Area.
Most are from low-income immigrants and migrant families.
About 100 books were in Spanish.

Breakdown in books

Scott Lane Elementary School, Santa Clara
200 books to children who attended the homework center

McKinley Elementary School, San Jose
200 books to children and their parents

Castro Mariano Elementary School, Mtn View
100 books to homework center

Cesar Chavez Academy (Middle School), East Palo Alto
200 books to math/science teacher to be distributed to students

August Boeger Jr High School, San Jose (East)
150 books to homework center to be given to students

Mt Pleasant High School, San Jose (East)
200 books to homework center and students with no books

Castro Middle School, San Jose
120 books to homework center to be given to students

Westmont High School, San Jose
150 books to homework center to be given to students

Del Mar High School, San Jose
80 books given to Special Education teacher and her students.

Sunnyvale-Cupertino Community Center
50 books given to adult students learning Mandarin and the teacher
who will distribute to her young students in another class.

10 Vietnamese books were given to a company's employees who wanted to
teach their children a book with bilingual wordings:English
and Vietnamese. And they could now find a publisher that does this.

Some of the stories :

"Thank you so much for your donation of books. My students
are enjoying them very much...

Hade C
"Gracias por darnos los libros yo escogi el libro..."

Bernice C
"Thank you for the book "Martin and the Teachers Pet"..."

Hamere G
"Thank you for the wonderful book called "Girl to Girl".
I really wanted this book when I was 7 years old...

Sharon B (special education teacher)
"Thank you so very much for the book donation. My students
gathered eagerly arond, taken by the idea that they had a
choice and could select a book of interest to them.
Your gift was much appreciated.....


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