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Gift of Reading Program
 (sponsored by San Jose Mercury and Kids in Common)

From December 4-10,2004  six IEEE volunteers (Charlie Neuhauser, Chris Silbert, Issac Leung, David Fong, Sherry Woo, and Kara Poon sorted thousands of books and packaged them into various boxes for distribution.  This year was Charlie's first year.  He had some good ideas to improve the productivity : use bar code system to easily identify the grade and age range for each book.
We had fun with the other volunteers from different non-profit organizations.

Books were distributed by Daisy Cheng and David Fong to the following schools between December 11,2004  - January 4,2005.

Thanks to "Kids in Common" and "San Jose Mercury"
we were able to sort books and distribute books
to over 3650 children in the Santa Clara Valley Area.
Two thousand more books than last year.
Most are from low-income immigrants and migrant families.
About 100 books were in Spanish.

Breakdown in books

Anderson Elementary School, San Jose
300 books given to children who attended the reading center

Scott Lane Elementary School, Santa Clara
400 + 35 Spanish books given to children who attended the homework center

McKinley Elementary School, San Jose
400 books to children and their parents

Castro Mariano Elementary School, Mtn View
400 books to homework center

Cesar Chavez Academy (Middle School), East Palo Alto
500 books to be distributed to students

August Boeger Jr High School, San Jose (East)
300 books to reading center to be given to students

Mt Pleasant High School, San Jose (East)
185 books to students who participate in the reading center

Castro Middle School, San Jose
430 books to homework center to be given to students

Rogers Middle School, San Jose
200 books to homework center to be given to students

Westmont High School, San Jose
186 books to homework center to be given to students

Del Mar High School, San Jose
130 books given to Special Education teacher and her students.

20 Vietnamese books were given to a company's employees who wanted to
teach their children a book with bilingual wordings:English
and Vietnamese.

Some of the stories :

Oscar L.
"Thank you for the box of books.
I found a good book in the box.
I just wanted to write back and thank you."

Edgar G.
"Thank you so much for "Point Blank". I enjoy fiction books a lot.
You gift is cool."

Dyinte K.
"I appreciate the book because I am an athlete.
And I need all the reading.  I need thanks thinking of
children who need books so that they can exhale in life.
I will take in consideration to what you're doing.

Jeff G.
"I think you so much for "Treasure Island".  I enjoy
adventure books.  You gift will help me in school work
so I have a book to read for book reports."

Cart of books to be sorted

put in graphics of cart of books

Garage of books to be delivered.  Only one-third of the books are shown.

garage of books to be delivered
Closeup of the books to be delivered.

closeup of books

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