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IEEE Santa Clara Valley K-12 Education 

News, Contests and Volunteer Opportunities



2007 - 2008 School Year!!

YEAR 2007-2008 Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Lee Colby lee(dot)colby(At)ieee(dot)org for more information



Sign up to be a RE-SEED volunteer.  RE-SEED is a national volunteer program aimed at enhancing the teaching of earth and physical science at the middle school level 6-8th grades.  We are currently taking signups from interested volunteers.  For information contacPeter K. Mueller, Ph.D., RE-SEED Coordinator at pklausm(at)mac(dot)com  See Volunteers Needed for Middle School Science Education

1-6 hrs/week (your choice) when school is in session


Lego Robotics (middle school)

2-3 hrs week/ 1 - 6 weeks


Lego Robotics (middle school)

2-3 hrs week/ 1 - 6 weeks


Lego Robotics (middle school)

2-3 hrs week/ 1 - 6 weeks


Gift of Reading : book sorting at San Jose Mercury

2-4 hrs week/ 1 week


Lego Robotics (middle school)
Botball Training to be announced
February ??, 2008
(contact Terry Grant at grant(at)ptolemy(dot)arc(dot)nasa(dot)gov )

2-3 hrs week/ 1 - 6 weeks


San Mateo County Science Fair, Watch for it Feb ??, 2008, contact Ken Doniger

Lego Robotics (middle school)
Engineer's Week
Tech Challenge

2-3 hrs week/ 1 - 6 weeks (Lego)
2-3 hrs week/ 1 - 5 times (EW)
2-3 hrs week/ 1 - 6 weeks for Tech Challenge


Synopsys Science Fair  

(Santa Clara Valley)

Science Fair Judges needed  
March 12 ,2008
11am - 5pm

Maker Faire
A two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset.  2007 Maker Faire was awesome.
Bay Area 2008: May 3 & 4, 2008
San Mateo Fairgrounds

FIRST Robotics Competition
 (Santa Clara Valley)
Date unknown

Volunteer Information   
March 1???, 2008



Tech Challenge Bigday :
April ?? 2008
Botball Tournament at NASA on April 2007

2-3 hrs week/ 1 - 6 weeks



 SVEC Tech Academy: Teachers and Speakers Needed to teach or speak to middle school and 9th-11th grade students.  Volunteer and teacher Information.  Email engracademy@gmail.com

SVEC Tech Academy:  Students Sign Up Now.  Don't miss this opportunity to expand your middle school, freshman or sophmore childs understanding of science and engineering. Starts in July.  Details and applications coming.

 Speakers: 2 - 3 hours.

Teachers:  7 hours/day 3 weeks.


Mentor High school students interested in Engineering
Laurie Belanger
etech mentor coordinator

2-3 hrs month


Career Fair (high school)

2-3 hrs week/ 1 - 4 weeks

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Reduce your 2007 taxes!!!!

Donate to the Santa Clara Valley K12 Education Fund
Fund local activities : Lego Robotics, Technology  and Science Teacher Training, Laser Optics.

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