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Intel Science and Engineering Fair 2001

By Keith Gudger March 28,2001

I am looking for judges for the ISEF2001.  At the bottom of this email is the call for judges which is in the April Grid.  However, I need to know as soon as possible who can judge when, as both the IEEE and Science Services are asking for judges' "bios".  Thanks.

Here is the judging schedule:

Tuesday May 8, 2001

11:30AM - I would like to have lunch with whoever can make it to
pre-organize our judging schedule.
1:00PM to 5:30PM - registration and preliminary judging of the projects.
6:00PM - dinner

Wednesday May 9, 2001

8:00AM - 11:15AM project judging continues
11:15AM - 12:00PM Lunch
12:15-5:00PM interviews with finalists
5:00PM-6:20PM Judges Dinner
6:30PM - ? Final decisions made.

Please let me know if you can judge any of these times.  Thanks.


International Science and Engineering Fair Judges Needed

The International Science and Engineering Fair is May 6-12, 2001 at the San Jose Convention Center.  The ISEF is the World Series, World Cup and Olympics of science fairs.  Imagine a Science and Engineering fair composed of the winners of fairs from all over the world!  Last year there were over
1000 projects and 1200 students hailing from all over the world, from Argentina to the Ukraine.   

The IEEE awards the President's Scholarship, a four year college
scholarship worth US $10,000.  The San Francisco Bay Area Sections are also awarding nine US $500 awards at this year's fair.

Experienced judges are needed to determine who wins these awards.  Judging spans two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8 and 9 2001.  If you can donate a half day to this enjoyable activity, please let Keith Gudger know at
831-476-8938 or keith@sploids.com


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