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ISEF 2001 Evaluations of IEEE Prize Winners

$10,000 President's Scholarship Prize
      Conductance Quantization in Au Nanocontacts
      Mariangela Lisanti, 17, Staples High School, Westport, Connecticut

$500 Prize
      Real-Time Continuous Levels of Detail Terrain Rendering with Nested Splitting Space
      Yuanchen Zhu, 16, Shanghai Foreign Language School, Shanghai, China

      Mining the Mind: Boundary Detection in MR Brain Scans
      Cambrian Yangshao Liu, 17, Baton Rouge Senior High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

      The Sign Translator
      Ryan Randall Patterson, 17, Central High School, Grand Junction, Colorado

Ryan Patterson was nicknamed the "glove boy" because of his demonstration of using his glove project to translate the hand motions of a deaf into alphanumeric characters on a PC screen.  The glove had sensors built-in to sense the hand muscle/tendon movements and transmit wireless to a PC.  Whenver he encountered an obstacle like learning assembly or C, he would buy a book and jump into it.

      Signal Dissection by Repetitive Smoothing and Extraction
      Elena Leah Glassman, 14, Lenape Middle School, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Elena Glassman started out with a totally different project: how to get her robot pet to respond to human voice commands.  The first step is analyzing the waveforms.  This eventually became her project.  She used different methods of analyzing and deconstructing waveforms: pulse,sine wave, square waves,etc.  She was nicknamed the "signal girl".

      Design of an Internet-based Soil Hydration Sensor System
      Michael Beroen Hart, 15, Alfred M. Barbe High School, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Michael Hart designed a system to utilize GPS, the internet to monitor and regulate when to appropriately turn on the sprinklers to maximize the water savings measuring three factors: temperature, sun intensity, and mositure in the soil.  He also fly a minature human-powered airplane to drop and test his apparatus.

      Mosquito Control via Acoustic Larvicide: Pesticide-free Solution
      Michael H. Nyberg, 15, Lyme-Old Lyme High School, Old Lyme, Connecticut

Michael Nyberg experimented using sound to kill mosquitoes.  He tested different frequencies in a controlled environment.  It was interesting to see the effects of sound blasting on mosquitoes.  Maybe that's why doctors recommend to not put on loud headphones.  You just might pop an ear drum.

      A Novel Surface Tension Measuring Method and Apparatus
      Tai-Hsiang Huang, 17, Taipei Municipal Chien-Kuo Senior High School, Taipei, Taiwan

      Decoupling Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra by Maximum Entropy Reconstruction
      Andrew Chi, 17, Terre Haute South Vigo High School, Terre Haute, Indiana

      Effect of Varying Electric and Magnetic Field Strengths on the Flow Rate of Saline Water in a
      Magnetohydrodynamic Setup
      Thomas Hall Ruscher, 15, Roanoke Valley Governors School for Science and Technology,
      Roanoke, Virginia

$100 Prize for Women and Minorities
      Vapor Exchange/Pressure Control Wheelchair Seat
      Christina Lynn Adams, 16, Bartlesville High School, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Christina Adams for outstanding pursuit of alleviating pain and discomfort for wheelchair ridden patients.  She used minature inflatable pockets that created air gaps between the sitting person and the chair.  Thus, creating air circulation that reduced a) temperature and b) humidity between the person and the chair.  This would result in reduced sitting sores on the derrierre of the persons.  She has also applied for patents on this apparatus.

      Solar Vehicle Prototype
      Oswaldo Mejia Bsiceno, 17, Padre Iluminato, Lima, Lima, Peru
      Hugo Eunogie, 18, Padre Iluminato, Lima, Lima, Peru

Oswaldo Bsiceno for oustanding pursuit of utilizing solar power to power buses in home country of Peru.  He fashioned small solar panels from calculators to envision what a solar-powered bus would look like.


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