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Milpitas High School Engineering Academy : Seeking Mentors


    Milpitas High School
    Academy of Engineering and Technology
    1285 Escuela Parkway, Milpitas Ca 95035


The mentor program is designed to generate enthusiasm among students, teachers, and industry volunteers alike.  Employees at local industries are paired with one or two 11th grade students for a relationship that has two primary purposes.

  •  To give the students a professional role model and a friend in industry whom they can approach for information and guidance concerning their career paths.

  •  To give industry employees an understanding of what goes on in the academy and a chance to contribute to the educational program.

Typical activities for mentors are as follows:

  •  A 2-3 hour time commitment per month (October-May)

  •  Touring the students school and learning about the Academy

  •  Touring the mentors company, introducing the student to co-workers, showing him/her typical work areas and jobs, inviting the student to special company activities (such as presentations, picnics, sports activities)

  •  Engaging in a Community Service Project together

  •  Researching post-secondary education opportunities

  •  Discussing potential careers

  •  Working on a project together (science experiments, research, etc.)

  •  Visiting another site of interest, such as another company, a job fair, a technical show, museum, bookstore or local college.

  •  Working on a subject area in which the student is having difficulty (tutoring is not a required, but an option if activity interests both parties)

  •  Discussing basic features of work, such as punctuality, reliability, dress, speech, attitude, and getting along with co-workers and supervisors.

  •  Preparing students for interviews, summer jobs, and maintaining contact to discuss problems that may arise on the job.

The academy will provide mentors with an orientation to the program, an explanation of the mentor selection criteria and mentor-student match-up, information on what mentors can expect of the program and vice versa, and activities that might be popular with students and mentors.  In addition, we will schedule several fun events throughout the year for mentors, students, staff, and parents.
It is required that all MHS volunteers are fingerprinted and have a background check ($20 fee for mentors, academy will pay for balance of $47 charge ) as well as a current TB test (good for 4 years with district).  Academy staff can help with arrangements for both.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact:
Laurie Belanger                    Academy secretary: Irene Schlag
408-945-5500                        408-942-2781, ischlag@musd.org
lbelange@musd.org                        fax: 408-942-2771


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