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IEEE Santa Clara Valley K-12 Education 

Current and Past News



Gift of Reading : December 2005
From December 3-14,2005  one IEEE volunteer (David Fong and his children) sorted about two thousand of book and packaged them into various boxes for distribution.  We were able to work together with WIE.

See additional info and photos for this event.

Gift of Reading : December 2004
From December 4-10,2003  six IEEE volunteers (Charlie Neuhauser, Chris Silbert, Issac Leung, David Fong, Sherry Woo, sorted thousands of books and packaged them into various boxes for distribution.  This year was Charlie's first year.  He had some good ideas to improve the productivity : use bar code system to easily identify the grade and age range for each book.

See additional info and photos for this event.

Gift of Reading : December 2003
On December 9,2003  three IEEE volunteers (Lee Colby, David Fong, and Linda Fong sorted thousands of books and packaged them into various boxes for distribution.

See additional info and photos for this event.

Botball : April 5, 2003
To be filled in with information and photos from Terry Grant

Santa Clara Valley Science Fair : March 2003
To be filled in with information and photos from Keith Gudger or Ken Doniger

Milpitas High School Engineering Academy : February 11,2003
Program to matchup engineering-oriented students with mentors

Lego Robotics at SJSU : January 23, 2003
To be filled in with information and photos from Terry Grant

Gift of Reading Program : Dec 10,2002

On December 10,2002 four IEEE volunteers (Daisy Cheng, Joy Angunsri,
David and Linda Fong) sorted thousands of books and packaged them into various boxes for distribution to various elementary,middle and high schools in the Santa Clara Valley area.

See addtional info and photos for Gift of Reading

Science Fair: sciencepalooza

On March 3, 2002, over 700 students participated at the second annual sciencepalooza! along with San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales, former Mayor Susan Hammer, and the CEOs of Synopsys, Inc. and Kinetics, Inc.  In addition, several IEEE volunteers participated in the judging.


ISEF 2001 Complete list of winners for

Special Awards that included IEEE

Government and Industry Awards

Intel ISEF Grand Awards

May 8-9,2001 ISEF 2001 Photos by Keith Gudger

May 8-9,2001 ISEF 2001 Evaluations of IEEE Prize Winners

April 2001 ISEF 2001 Announcement for Volunteers

April 4,2001 The Tech Challenge with elementary,middle school and high school students challenged to climb a veritical ten foot wall with carpet layer.

December 22,2000

There were over seventy teams from various elementary,middle and junior high schools participating in the Dec. 3,2000 event at SJSU Event Center.  The atmosphere was electric with crowds of US First and Lego Officials, parents, grandparents, students, and students siblings all bringing the excitement of their creative work over the past few weeks. 
The local IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section sponsored the registration fees for two teams from August Boeger Jr High School in East San Jose.  The teams fared well but did not place in the top three. One of the top teams claimed that the usage of a block module oriented software better prepared their teams for the rigors of programming : ROBOLAB .



October 23,2000 Robotics Symposium
October 16,2000 Synopsys Sponsors Science Championships

October 23,2000

Robotics Symposium sponsored by US First and coordinated by an IEEE volunteer who specializes in robotics: Terry Grant grant@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov
to be held at The TECH Museum .

       OCTOBER 25TH

8:30-9:00a.m.   coffee
9:00-9:05   Welcome - Jeneva Westendorf
9:05-9:35   USFirst - Alan Federman/NASA
9:35-10:15   KISS Institute of Practical Robotics - David Miller
10:15-10:20   Independence High School Video - Jack Aiello
10:20-10:30   Tennyson High School Robotics Curriculum - Becky Sherman
10:30-10:45   The Tech Museum @ The Tech Challenge - Jennifer Helms
10:45-11:55   High School Exhibits/discussions/sharing
11:55 -     Closing - Superintendent of the East Side - Joe Coto
Noon -   Tour the Robotics Exhibit

 PARKING - On San Carlos St. under the Library/Convention Center for $5.00

 MUSEUM ENTRY - Please enter the museum through the Park Ave. group
  entrance.  Your entry is free for the Symposium

 LUNCH - IS ON YOUR OWN!  Cafe Primavera is the restaurant in the museum.  Cost: $5.95 -$8.95

 ROBOTICS EXHIBIT - There will be an opportunity to see the Tech's  Exhibit after the symposium.
There will be free admission  for the first 100 students to attend, "first come first serve". For every adult who escorts 8 students there will be free admission to the exhibit!

SCHOOL EXHIBITS - If your school would like to share what you're doing with Robotics please let me know and we'll set up a table for your display!  There will be a 1 hour block of time for sharing and meeting with other schools and for signing up for future competitions.
October 16,2000

Synopsys, the company that specializes in logic synthesis tools has committed millions in support of the sciences in Santa Clara Valley for middle school and high schools. It is called the Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championships.  They are directly funding science projects for middle schools and high schools, as long as the teacher gets several students interested and signs up on their website.  As usual there are specific timelines that have to be met.

See https://www.synopsys.com/corporate/community/foundation.html

You can support this program by visiting your local middle school or high school and getting the science teachers to buy into this program.  The teachers also receive a small stipend for their efforts.  The program also specifically targets East San Jose to encourage the minorities and lower income communities to participate and become a part of this Silicon Valley phenomenon.

David Fong


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