This is an umoderated newsgroup with the focus on optics education issues. Email sent to the newsgroup is "reflected" to the subscribers. The name of the group is "optics-ed@ieee.org"


1. When you click on the hyperlink below, most browsers should pop up an email window addressed to "majordomo@majordomo.ieee.org"

2. In the body of the message, it should say "subscribe optics-ed" if it is missing you need to manually type it (without the quotation marks).

3. You can optionally add your full email address following "subscribe optics-ed" if it is separated by a space, and on the same line.

4. Sending this message should add you to the subscription list.


To remove yourself from the list, repeat (1-3) as above, changing "subscribe" to "unsubscribe"

The subject line is always ignored.

Do not have any further text after the first line in the message body.

To generate the e-mail message CLICK HERE to subscribe to "OPTICS-ED"

For help or further information contact leos@silicavalley.com

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