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Highlights from The Tech Challenge on April 4,2001
About 50 teams each from Elementary,Middle School, and High Schools competed at the Tech Challenge.  The image below shows the three ramps that the robot,RC racer or any other robotic image must climb so that the "Mars Lander" can escape this crater-like formation.

Three teams from August Boeger, which were IEEE sponsored, competed.  They were led by their math instructor, Marilee Mifflin.  Many thanks for her integrity and efforts to excite and push the junior high school students to be part of the Lego Robotics program the past two years.

Because their three team (Robocats I,Robocats II, and Robocats III) members were predominantly from Hispanic roots, they arranged for the Hispanic channel 14 to interview them and allow them to display their Hispanic pride in participating in this event.

The photo above shows a tethered ballon attempting to break the infra-red beam.

The photo shows an individual ramp.

The photo above shows the team members for Robocats III.

This photo shows the team members' robot starting off.

A closeup of Robocats III robot.
Closeup of a robot attempting to break the horizontal infra-red beam.

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