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IEEE Santa Clara Valley K-12 Education 

Volunteer Opportunities 

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October 20,2004
San Jose Mercury News: Gift of Reading

Dear IEEE Volunteers,

We have been awarded to be a recipient of The Mercury News Gift of Reading Program.  That means we may receive around 2000 books.  However, we need volunteers who can assist with sorting the books.  The books are received by San Jose Mercury and Barnes&Nobles and other bookstores.  The volunteers will sort the books into different age levels.  This books will be given out to students at the different elementary, middle, high schools in our area.  The sorting will be done at San Jose Mercury News headquarters which is around Brokaw Road and 880, so make sure it is convenient for you to make it on time.  There may be some lifting of books or boxes : from 10 to 40 pounds, so make sure you don't have any back problems.  Most ladies only sort the books and the guys carry the boxes to different stations.

So if you are interested in exercising your community involvement,now is the time.

We need at least 5 volunteers for these avaiable time slots/dates.
You can volunteer for more than 1 time slot if you have extra time.

Friday, Dec. 3 9:30am-12pm, 1-3:30pm, 3:30pm-6pm
Saturday, Dec 4 1-3:30pm
Monday, Dec 6 9:30am-12pm, 1-3:30pm, 3:30pm-6pm
Tuesday, Dec 7 9:30am-12pm, 1-3:30pm, 3:30pm-6pm
Wednesday, Dec 8 9:30am-12pm, 1-3:30pm, 3:30pm-6pm, 6pm-8pm
Thursday, Dec. 9 9:30am-12pm, 1-3:30pm

I need your full name, daytime phone #, email address, and indicate
which shift date and time.


David Fong

February  12,2002

March 2,2002 Synopsys Sponsored East San Jose Science Fair (sciencepalooza)

March 13,2002 Synopsys Sponsored Silicon Valley Science Fair Championships

February 18-24,2001 National Engineer's Week
Here's your chance to make an impact at your local school,library or publicity at the mall.  The local chapter of National Engineer's Week is supported by David Levinson david.levinson@lmco.com
March 3,2001 Synopsys Sponsored East San Jose Science Fair (sciencepalooza)

March 17,2001 Synopsys Sponsored Silicon Valley Championships
Synopsys has generously supported the sciences by paying for both the team's project supplies AND teachers get a small stipend for their efforts. WOW! Now that's putting your money where your mouth is to support and retain our valuable science teachers.
March 16-18,2001 Botball : High School level Lego Robotics
Terry Grant an IEEE member is supporting these efforts.  Contact him at grant@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov
April 4,2001 The Tech Challenge (support August Boeger Jr High)
August Boeger is a Jr High School in East San Jose that the Santa Clara Valley has sponsored with Lego Robotics.  Contact daffy@ieee.org for more information.

To be kept abreast of local volunteer events throughout the year,join the local Silicon Valley K-12 Egroups

There are many opportunities to participate and make an impact on our community and to ourselves as a whole.

But first one must be properly trained in how to conduct oneself in the classroom with the school administration,teachers,and students.  Never, never be so proud as the know it all guy.  This will turn off everyone.  IEEE has developed a website to assist you in understanding your proper role in the classroom.

See https://www.ieee.org/organizations/eab/pet/

Surf thru the website and move on to the next stage below.

Now that you've better undertsood your role and how to conduct oneself, it's now time to figure out what to do.
Assess your own skills and see how you fit into existing programs at the local schools and jumpstart your own special program.

Existing programs are

Lego Robotics (currently IEEE Power Electronics Society has donated four Lego Robotics kits to four local middle schools: August Boeger Jr High in East San Jose, Castro Middle School in San Jose, Suunyvale Middle School, and Kennedy Middle School in Cupertino.

Botball : high school level Lego Robotics that is being co-sponsored thru the KIPR Foundation.

Science Fairs : visit your local elementary,middle,or high school and volunteer to be a judge for the schools.  They always need unbiased judges instead of parents as judges.

Laser Optics: a separate group within IEEE Santa Clara Valley has decided to form their own special aim of educating high school students in laser optics to recruit them as future engineers.  Send email to bob.dahlgren@ieee.org.

Mentoring Female Engineering Students :  Of course this is for mature women engineers to be a mentor to local female engineering students.

National Engineers Week : This program is organized on a national level but is also locally run.  Of course, the title explains itself.  It is across all engineering levels and is generally held in February.  This year it is February 18-24,2001. Local chapter is thru David Levinson david.levinson@lmco.com thru Discover E of SVEC (Silicon Valley Engineering Council).

KNEX Bridge Building : Toys are being converted as extensions of learning technology and applying them to solve problems.  In KNEX's case, they are pushing Bridge Building as a simple introduction to how geometric shapes affects the strength of structures.  This is targeted at elementary school students.  We believe it is appropriate for 4th and 5th grade students. We have set aside a small budget for this project.  Please email daffy@ieee.org if you are interested.

Santa Clara Valley K-12 Education Committee : Come join us in talking with fellow engineers,school teachers, administrators, and students to determine programs and volunteer to make our membership more valuable to the community and to ourselves.  See email to daffy@ieee.org

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