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December 22,2000
There is a website created by the local "The Tech" museum in San Jose targeted at teachers who need to be educated in the fundamentals of science such as the properties of matter or biotechnology.  The website is straightforward and easy to understand.

Also, additional website related to new programming style for Lego Robotics was added : ROBOLAB.

October 16,2000
There are a plethora of websites to inform oneself about K-12 Edcuation, ranging from IEEE's PET website thru California's Science Content Standards all the way to Science Fairs held on the internet and to Silicon Valley regional efforts by companies (eg. Intel) and professional societies besides IEEE that want to ensure a steady supply of qualified engineering candidates to support the growth of local companies to non-profit foundations that desires that all children become educated properly in math, science and technology.

IEEE does not endorse any particular websites other than its PET website.  It is left as an exercise and fun for the surfer to check out for him/herself the quality and information of each site.

Precollege Engineer Training

The Tech Museum : Web Based Technology Topics

Robotic Industries Association

Stanford Robotics Laboratory

The Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University

Tufts University : Center for Engineering Educational Outreach

UC Berkely Robotics Lab

Site devoted to Amateur Robotics

Resource list compiled by Roger Arrick

Lego Robotics


Mentoring Female Engineering Students

National Engineers Week

KNEX Bridge Building

Silicon Valley National Engineer's Week

Silicon Valley Engineering Council

California Science Content Standards

Internet Science and Technology Fair

New Technology High School

Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers

Technology for All Americans Project

Educational Technology Consortium


Society of Women Engineers 

Try Engineering  NEW!

Teach Engineering New! 

Retirees Enhancing Science through Experiments & Demonstrations RESEED  NEW!

Discover Engineering  NEW!



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