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IEEE Signal Processing Society Santa Clara Valley Chapter




For decades, the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) with hundreds of its members has provided a platform and forum for individuals, industries and academia to share their ideas and knowledge in the science of Signal Processing. The signal processing application in our contemporary lives is now ubiquitous and essential. Also, it has prevailed in nature for millions of years. Millions of dollars were added to the global economies by applications of Signal Processing to images, sounds, radio signals, sensors, health and more and now even manifests as data.

We welcome academia, industries and individuals to come and share knowledge and experiences, enriching our minds as audience or speakers. Join the IEEE SCV Signal Processing Chapter Linkedin group for pre- and post-event discussions.

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Upcoming Events (subscribe)

November 14, 2019 Machine Learning (Signal Processing!) for Networked Systems

ARCHIVE See the list of past events and presentations

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Need Volunteers

If you can volunteer few hours a month, please contact us.

2018 Officers

In its annual election, the following officers have been selected by its members.

Chair Yang Lei
Vice Chair Kiriti Gowda
Secretary Lakshmi Kumar
Treasurer Jing Zhou
Webmaster Chaitanya Sri Krishna Lolla
Chair Emeritus Radha Giduthuri
Chair Emeritus Iole Moccagatta
Chair Emeritus Pavel Tcherniaev


Volunteer Team

The Chapter organization is strongly supported by a volunteer group consisting of

Program Chair/University Outreach John Princen
Corporate Outreach Raghavan Kripakaran
Marketing Deepa Muthukrishnan
General Volunteer Ganesh Rajan
General Volunteer Tokunbo Ogunfunmi
General Volunteer Shiva Gurumurthy


To view past volunteers of this chapter, click here.

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