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Region 4
Serving IEEE Members in all or parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

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Educational Activities

Educational Activities Committee Chair
Anu A Gokhale

Regional Precollege Education Activities Coordinator
Connie Kelly

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Region 4 Educational Activities (EA) Committee is specifically intended to serve the educational pursuits of R4 IEEE members and their communities, and support Education Society Chapters within Region 4 Sections.

The EA Committee:

  • Enables the deployment of IEEE-developed continuing education products and activities
  • Assists members to organize pre-university programs like TISP;
  • Informs members of relevant accreditation activities;
  • Supports sections/chapters in coordinating EA-related programs and events;
    • Finds speaker(s) for educational topics of interest to members;
    • Explores funding opportunities for educational activities from societies and/or Region 4;
    • Provides training and development needed to organize educational activities; and
    • Promotes recognition of individuals and companies for major contributions to engineering and technical education.