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Region 4
Serving IEEE Members in all or parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

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Region 4 Google Map (version 1.4)

Click on the map to find your Section, or type in your address or city. Your Section will be shown in the green box. Click again on the map to hide your selection, or click the "Hide Address" button.

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Frequenty Asked Questions:

Q1. Why do the boundaries of the Sections extended into the Great Lakes?
A1. The Section data is taken from the U.S. Census data for U.S Counties. The U.S. Census data maps the counties out into the middle of the Great Lakes.

Changes in verison 1.4 of 2018-10-28 from version 1.3.1:

Adapted map to new Google API key requirements.

Changes in verison 1.3.1 of 2016-06-28 from version 1.3:

1. Fix bug where the page was not loading.

Changes in verison 1.3 of 2016-02-24 from version 1.2:

1. Added number of chapters to Section marker labels.

Changes in verison 1.2 of 2016-02-09 from version 1.1:

1. Added upcoming meetings pulled live from vTools.

Changes in verison 1.1 of 2015-10-17 from version 1.0.1:

1. Changed/fixed border between Chicago and Calumet based on zip code data provided by MGA.

Fixes in verison 1.0.1 from version 1.0:

1. Fixed the WIE, YP, Life, and CN markers. The markers were not showing up. The markers now show in the center of each Section.

Known Issues:

1. The north border between Arrowhead Section and Red River Valley Section has a slight flaw were their borders do not line up exactly, and a little area is incorrectly not covered by either Section.

2. (Fixed / resolved in version 1.1beta)

3. IEEE has the Unversity of Iowa Student Branch in the Central Iowa Section, but it is clearly in Cedar Rapids Section.

4. The three sub-sections are missing. I don't have any geo data on the sub-sections.

5. (Fixed / resolved in version 1.2beta)

6. The section names don't scale and are too small.

7. In the U.S., MGA determines Section boundaries based on zip codes. These boundaries show here are based on county boundaries (except for the newly updated border between Chicago and Calumet). Zip codes often extend across county boundaries, so the section boundaries shown here are approximate.

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