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Student Activities

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2005 Region 4
Student Paper Contest
May 22, 2005
Lincoln, NE

First Place - $800
Paper Student BranchStudent
Pipelined Programmable Finite Impulse Filter Purdue University - West Lafayette Jeffrey Hall
Abstract:   An undergraduate team of students completed the design, layout, and fabrication of a packaged IC to implement a linear-phase digital programmable finite impulse response filter. The objective was to produce a chip suitable for a wide range of digital filtering applications. The group focused on being able to dynamically change coefficients and on maximizing the sample rate and number of filter taps. The team was challenged with development of the VHDL source architecture, synthesis, p lace-and-route of the IC components, and verification. The filter is designed to work with minimum CD-quality audio using 64 taps per sample given a chip area of 9 mm2 with a 0.5 micron process.
Second Place - $500
Paper Student BranchStudents
Wireless Corn Dryer Monitoring System St. Cloud State University Justin Larson
Eric Barry
Abstract:   An electronic system is designed and developed to monitor the corn drying process for farmers. The system can track information of corn moisture, auger rotation speeds, air temperature, and air pressure inside the dryer. Through a wireless transmission and a graphic interface, the system provides real-time and accurate monitory information to the farmers and significantly relieves the tedious work of farmers. It is a collaborative project between students majoring in electrical engineering and a local farmer who owns a Mathews Company grain dryer.
Third Place - $200
Paper Student BranchStudents
DRIIVE Network: Dynamic Road and Intra/Inter-Vehicle Exchange Network University of Nebraska - Lincoln Wes McClure
Timothy Steiner
Ryan Wolfe
Ibrahim Al Abudulmoshsin
Abstract:   The DRIIVE Network crosses the technology boundaries of past reactionary, mechanical safety systems such as seat belts and air bags to new proactive, computer based systems. It does this by providing a framework to assist drivers in safe travel by utilizing current technologies to access and analyze real time information. The framework is designed with four levels of interface: intra-vehicle, proximity, inter-vehicle and roadway. Both hardware and software technologies are used to develop a modular-based system to assist in safe travel. The modular framework is designed to be extensible, allowing future technologies to be easily integrated into the safety system.

Cash prizes are donated by IEEE Life Members Committee. Travel and lodging expenses were paid by IEEE Region 4.

IEEE Region 4 members Bob Dawson (Director-Elect), Burt Loupee (Past Director) and Anu Gokhale (Student Activities Chair) were the distinguished judges.

Congratulations from IEEE to the participants and winners of the 2005 IEEE Region 4 Student Paper Contest.